Race Relationship Essay Sample

Published: 2019-05-13
Race Relationship Essay Sample
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Race Relationship

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Racism refers to the act of discriminating other people and in most cases; it is related to them having more power than the others do. In relation to this, racism is based on the beliefs of culture, which people have towards others that make them view these individuals as inferior. This behavior has been common in the developing countries, and the most affected victims are the Africans.

Similarities in the racial histories

One major similarity of the issue of racism in these countries is that they began during the colonial era. This was the time that the issue became more popular, and several people suffered in the course of this period due to this issue. However, a key thing to note after the issue of racism arose; it led to a black people residing in those nations. The racism was a form of discouraging them from residing in these nations but it never worked for there is still a major population of black people who still are living and working in these nations. Lastly, black people up to date are the most disadvantaged in all the three countries, as the opportunities granted to them also are minimal and of poor quality.

Differences in the racial histories

The difference of this matter in South Africa was that the Europeans initially were the ones who did exploit the Africans, however, in the end; they are the ones who were forced to live as the current population of South Africa is composed of 9.2% whites and 79.4% blacks. In Brazil it was regarded as “race mixing” as the discrimination among the Black Brazilians was the most common but in the end, the gained a population of 43.5% who are “mixed” and not pure whites. In the United States is where the racial inequalities are less and thus implies that the average population of the nation is almost balanced between the whites and the black.

Responses to racial stratification and Lessons regarding the possibility of racial egalitarianism

Racial stratification in all the three nations has had a positive impact. This is because the number of population in the nations under all social classes incorporates people from all races.

Racial egalitarianism is something that is meant for favoring equality for all people. With this in place, it will mean that all cases in regards to racism will end and thus these nations will be very free from racism.

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