Free Essay in Public Health: Basic Biostatistics: Articles Finding

Published: 2022-06-07
Free Essay in Public Health: Basic Biostatistics: Articles Finding
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What are the findings of each article and what implications do they have individually and collectively for solving the health problem in question? Support your answer with specific examples from your field.

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The findings of the two articles are related since they were both focused on determining the connection between gender and depression in a patient suffering from coronary heart disease. The findings reveal that depression occurs at different levels and affect male and female individuals with coronary heart disease differently, as well. This is due to the fact there is the capacity to withstand the influence of stress and anxiety varies with gender. On this note, biostatistics is very important as it can be used as a basis of predicting various values and ratios of the occurrence of a given health problem to a given gender based on their strength or vulnerability with the given condition. An example is the use of the information derived from the biostatistics in this area to improve the available methods of establishing diagnosis to a given health concern.

Explain how key biostatistical calculations and methods support the conclusions in each article. Cite relevant information from the articles that support your answer

Each of the articles conducts reports on individual researchers whose methods involve considering both genders in terms of the influence of depression to female and male individuals suffering for coronary heart disease (CHD). Doering, McKinley, Riegel, Moser, Meischke, Pelter and Dracu (2011) used multivariable logistic regression to analyze the beliefs and attitude towards the relationship between depression and CHD. Frazier, Yu, Sanner, Liu, Udtha and Cron (2012) used samples of men and women hospitalized with CHD.

From the result section of both articles, identify descriptive and inferential statistics used to address the research questions or goals or objectives.

Frazier, Yu, Sanner, Liu, Udtha and Cron (2012) showed that the prevalence of depression is higher in women than men, recording a higher percentage with a considerable range. Depressive symptoms ion female were frequently experienced recording a statistical significance of p> 0.5. Doering, McKinley, Riegel, Moser, Meischke, Pelter and Dracup (2011) showed that women with CHD are more likely to be victims of depression than men based on their level of anxiety. Statistical tests show that women record a statistical significance of P < .01 than men.


Doering, V., McKinley, S., Riegel, B., Moser, K., Meischke, H., Pelter, M., & Dracup, K. (2011). Gender-Specific Characteristics of Individuals with Depressive Symptoms and Coronary Heart Disease. Heart & Lung : The Journal of Critical Care, 40(3), e4-e14.

Frazier, L., Yu, E., Sanner, J., Liu, F., Udtha, M., & Cron, S. et al. (2012). Gender Differences in Self-Reported Symptoms of Depression among Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome. Nursing Research And Practice, 2012, 1-5. doi: 10.1155/2012/109251

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