The Next Generation Petrol Technical Professionals, Free Essay

Published: 2019-05-14
The Next Generation Petrol Technical Professionals, Free Essay
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The petroleum industry is growing at a fast rate globally due to the constant high demand for petroleum and its products. Consequently, there has been an increase in demand for competent professionals to manage the industrial sectors related to the oil industry. The petroleum industry has a wide coverage. This paper seeks to give direction on the strategy to build the next generation of petrol technical professionals.

Methods, Procedures, and Processes

The strategy to be employed in the training of professionals involves various procedures. Firstly, it will include training in various fields such as Business and Management for Petroleum, Finance training courses, Law and Legal Training, Leadership Development for Petroleum Professionals, and Safety training for Petroleum workers. Training in these fields will be accompanied by fieldwork. In addition, competency maps will be used to boost the formal development platforms and experience inventories.


The training and development programs are tailored to producing competent professionals in all sectors relevant to the petroleum industry. The professionals will be expected to be innovative and conscious of the industrys needs. They will be expected to be able to handle contracting agencies, national bodies and marketing personnel.

Financial administration is crucial to developing and running programs in the petroleum industry. An accounting background for a professional in the petroleum industry will equip the professional with necessary skills required to maintain the competitive edge in the industry. In addition, they will be able to understand the working of the funds administration and goals of the industry.

Legal personnel are vital in the drafting and writing of contracts involving exploration, mining and other business procedures pertinent to the industry. The petroleum industry is subject to international standards, laws and other country specific laws. As a result, professional training for legal professionals will provide in depth knowledge of the relevant multinational legal climates.

The need for skilled negotiators in the industry cannot be underestimated. The petroleum industry requires individuals with charisma and is conversant with the scope of business in the global market. Training would cover communication and interpersonal skills required to liaise with professionals in the industry.

Safety training is vital to the Petroleum industry. Many operations involve high risks. In addition, this training will include environmental awareness to ensure the industrys activities do not negatively affect the environment. NEBOSH is the standardized health & safety training for Petroleum professionals. NEBOSH is recognized globally and working with such programs will enable professionals to handle the associated risks in the petroleum industry.


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