History of Private Prisons, Essay Sample for Everyone

Published: 2022-07-08
History of Private Prisons, Essay Sample for Everyone
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Before the 1980s, private prisons were not there in the United States. However, during the reign of president Regan, there was an eruption of private prisons due to the high number of prisoners. It had erupted from the massive fight against wars and drugs. The private prisons came up to and lessen the burden of the prisons of the state which had by then been overcrowded (Eisen, 2017). Though the private prisons came up to help reduce the overcrowding of the state prisons, they came up with more problems that were associated with them than people expected.

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During the eruption of the private prisons they come up with promises of increasing the status of the prisons, but they are never full filled it. The firms running the private prisons declare that they are trying to save the government money. However, it is the other way round, and there are just trying to take care of their bottom lines (Harding, Richard 2018). These firms running the prisons offer fewer security persons in prison so that their can spend less money in turn. They also escape the full training of correctional officers and provide the guards with just the basic guidelines. Though the firms get less than the government prisons they end up making a lot profits than the government prisons. They also pay their employees cheap to maximize their profits. These, in turn, raises the security issues in these private prisons, the rate inmate to inmate assaults there also exists inmate to staff assaults that are as many as the inmate to inmate assaults.

The social problem with the private prisons is too many nowadays, and they include; there is lack of enough basic human needs (Eisen, 2017). The facilities in a secret prison are minimal so that the prisons can maximize their profits. For example lack of enough food for consumption. The inmates are not served with enough food, and the food is not well nutritious as recommended.

These are in order the prison can maximize its profits from the cheap pay it charges. Also, there are not enough people to cater for the inmate's needs, as the nurses and doctors to care for sick inmates are not enough in a private prison compared with a state prison. The prisons also do not offer enough space as there had promised (Harding & Richard 2018). These had led to the prisoners being kept in small rooms reading to overcrowding in these private prisons since the area per person is small compared to state prisons. These happen since the firms concerned with the sector of the private prisons are afraid of purchasing vast lands and going an extra mile of building significant correlation facilities and end up having fewer prisoners in prison, thus making less money from the facilities as estimated.

Many people, including Activities and Scholars, have been fighting for the closure of the private prisons; however, there have not yet been closed. The Activities and Scholars believe that the private prisons are not worth since a lot of bad things happen there or even outside due to their existence. For example, they are mostly referred to the case in California, Ohio, where prisoners killed each other and injured some of the correctional officers, and others died, there were also escapees who were also in prison (Eisen, 2017). The case has provoked the Activities and Scholars to push hard for the closure of the prisons, but their efforts have not bared any fruits.

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