Movies Review Essay Sample

Published: 2022-05-03 10:54:24
Movies Review Essay Sample
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Cloud Atlas

In cloud atlas, connection and influence is well placed. In this film, slave trade is a good business for many contractors. Slave trade as explained in the film relates to how Africans were subjected to this condition that led to separation of families as read in books lately. It also display how slave trade was abolished as learnt in class. It shows how campaigns were conducted to stop slave trade.

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Slavery is also well indicated in Cloud Atlas. It is explained by a lawyer who doesn't seem happy for this. Just like in classroom, a way to abolish slave trade is also exhibited by lawyers in this film. Lawyers in Cloud Atlas did a good work to make sure that slave trade was stopped. They filed many cases against slavery that was conducted in Africa. In class work, slavery is taught in class rooms and in different aspects. The class work goes deep to state the origin of slavery, the number of people that died on transit.

The movie also talks about care ethics. It tries to interpret the economic and financial crisis that affects many countries. The economic situation globally has not been favorable hence a need to find solution. The same situation happens in our daily lives. Ways of dealing with financial challenges is vital to bring out the best use of funds to improve an individual's the standards of living.

Campaigns against slave trade are also depicted in this film. In involves a lawyer named Adam Ewing (Jim Sturgess). His family deals with the business of slave trade whereby Adam represents the family in preparing return voyage to his home. This is a conflicting issue since the lawyer helps his family conduct slave trade business while he is responsible for justice delegation as a lawyer. This lesson relates to class work where the abolition of slave trade started in 1800s. The Film tries to show the importance of unity against slavery. However, at the end, Adam's family quit slave trade and started campaigning.

Children of Men (2006)

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In the children of men (2006), pollution as taught in class work is also evident. The introduction of harmful substance into the environment is known as pollution. It causes can have negative health hazards to environment, human beings, water creatures and land creature. In Children of Men, women became affected by genetic experiments and degradation of environment that led to infertility. However, this situation can lead to new discovery in an effort to tackle the issue brought about by pollution in the film. For example, addressing the infertility in women, need a lot of research on the causes and the solution of this complication. Furthermore, in an effort to solve this health issue in the Children of Men, a comprehensive understanding of women is attained. It leads to a better understanding of the fertility stage and process of a woman.

The theory of functional analysis more contrast and relatively prevalent between Kalahari Desert and the Urban towns. Interaction between different tribal lines is very important. This is contributed by diverse cultures, lifestyle and cultural mixture. This has been explained in class work defining different cultures globally. We have been taught that ethnic diversity is created through culture mix with differing cultures that is involved with strict confines on them.

The peaceful co-existence between individuals in this film after the death of Diego shows what can be achieved when people come together. In our daily class work, peace with a neighbor is always encouraged to improve the coexistence hence increased living standards.

Lack of trust is another virtue I can relate to class work in Children of Men. The guerilla group suspects that the government will take the pregnant 18 year old woman with the baby to promote political interests.

Negotiations are only an important factor in finding solutions in different challenges. In this book, like class work, negotiations should have a place in our daily life to minimize chaos. Disagreeing with an individual due to a small misunderstanding is irrational. Like class work, importance of writing an agreement is also explained in this film.

The Big Short Trailer (2015)

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In the big short trailer, profit generation is an important aspect that needs to be conducted even in class work. Ways of making profits in a company is well taught in class rooms and should be physically demonstrated to be well understood. There are several aspects that have been given in this film. Corruption, greed, competition and fraud have all been a common field of study in school. The causes, impacts and consequences of these factors are well mention in this film. It illustrates how self interest has prevented many businesses to achieve their goals and targets efficiently. Corruption has been remained a major threat to economic development in any nation. Funds have been misused by leaders who source funds for their own benefits. The result of such a situation is an imbalanced regional development and continuous poverty.

The movies also talks about care ethics. It tries to interpret the economic and financial crisis that affects many countries. The economic situation globally has not been favorable hence a need to find solution. The same situation happens in our daily lives. Being taught on how to address any financial situation in classroom has the same emphasize as like the physical world.

There is also an aspect of critical thinking in this film. The investors who took a business proposal to the bank can lead to unstable economy. The bank is viewed to have played foul in awarding the investors the deal. The bank did not take into account several key regulations needed to make deals with investors. For instance, evaluating the risks associated with the deal was not critically made. As taught in class, decision making should always be made responsibly hence one should take the consequences it comes with the decision.

The Gods Must Be Crazy (1980)

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From one understanding, The Gods must be crazy movies is related to different aspects taught in class. For instance conflict of analysis is evident in the Gods must be crazy movie. The Kalahari Bushmen are living in uncivilized world where they do not think that there are other human beings living around the world. They only believed that Gods are the only other being living. In my understanding, the Gods must be crazy movies shows how civilization spread throughout the world. The bushmen at first did not even know what the bottle dropped by the airplane was. It led them thinking that Gods were angry with them hence the need to return the bottle from where it came from.

What also came out in this movie is the demonstration of gravity. This is a common topic in our class work. It is a situation whereby objects are pulled towards the centre of the earth with the force of gravity. The bottle dropped from the aero plane in the Gods must be crazy movie is an example. The bottle went straight to the ground in a very remote location in Kalahari Desert. Physics explains gravity in class work compared to any subject.

Variance in culture is another feature displayed by the Gods must be crazy movie. The Africans living in Kalahari Desert is explained as only covering their private parts unlike the white people who had clothes on. Furthermore, the cultural beliefs differ between the two characters. For instance, the Bushmen had a thought that Gods must have done a mistake by dropping the bottle.

The importance of education and technology is another case that is portrayed in the Gods must be crazy movies. This goes directly to the common topics taught in class about the advantages of having basic education and applying technology in addressing issues. For instance, the Bushmen did not even in become suspicious after the first time a plane flew over them. The transport system has helped many individuals travel and transfer goods and services.

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