Free Essay on Human Resources in Hotels

Published: 2019-10-16
Free Essay on Human Resources in Hotels
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The importance of the duties of the Director of Sales in a full-service hotel

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The duties of the Director of sales in full service hotel are outline below. Primarily, they are the head of sales department and therefore overseer of processes and activities that takes place in hotels and conferences in which they are operating. As such, they are the ones mandated with the responsibility of determining the sales in the hotel department. Similarly, the director of sales lay down some strategies and clear modus operandi that would aid and boost the marketability of the firm and thereby increasing the number of customers in the firm. This is realized when they are able to strategize well for occupancy and banquettes to meet the clients needs. Moreover, they do see to it that the cost for either accommodation or conferencing is friendly to the clients. Being the leader of the sales department, they are the overseer of accounting process and documentation.

Discuss why a one-stop contact is important for an association executive.

Ideally, the sales manager is the overall overseer of all the activities that takes place in the hotel. As such, he/ she may identify other managers of different department to aid them in supervision of the said department. For instance, within the hotel department, the sales manager may appoint the catering manager to see to it that all the activities within the catering department are moving on smoothly. Therefore, the catering department for this case becomes the one stop. It is incumbent to note that one stops services plays a very significant role in seeing to it that the services are provided effectively in an organization and therefore increasing the productivity and marketability of the business. However, the position of the sales manager cannot be understated for this case since they are still the ones running the day-to-day operation of the said business.

Discuss what is entailed in the job of a convention manager.

Convention manager plays a significant role in the marketing department. There sole responsibility is to reserve conferencing rooms. They are the ones assigned duties of preparing prior to the conference. Moreover, they also plan for any possible changes due to either weather or some predetermined factors that has resulted to such changes. On the same breath, the Convention mangers ought to have the skills of event management as their task is equated to that of the event manager and therefore should be well acquainted with skills for proper coordination and organization of the activities. Notably, all their activities and strategies are geared towards offering better services to the clients; this includes preparing or planning for car parking alongside other services that are of primary importance for the occasion at hand (Stutts & Wortman, 2006). Lastly, they should get feedback from the clients on how the event was organized and whether their satisfaction has been met so as to aid them in future activities.

Discuss why communication is important between the sales department and other department and what type of communications occur.

Communication is key between sales department and other departments since it results to proper coordination and further enhances harmony in the working station.

When the sales manager embraces effective communication to the departments, there is higher likelihood 100% efficiency. Moreover, the individuals from other departments would feel integrated in the system and therefore provide their services wholeheartedly. Effective communication in an organization would also aid the sales manager to know the challenges that are taking pace in the organization for some corrective measures to be employed (Stutts & Wortman, 2006). Proper communication improves the relationship amongst the working team and therefore efficiency is improved which in turn boosts the firm to another level for quality delivery and services. I suppose the best type of communication is the linear one as it puts all the departments on the same level and therefore communication is easy unlike the bureaucratic where it is characterized by multifaceted barrier.

Describe some actions or activities that might be classified as sexual harassment.

What are the essential elements of a sexual harassment allegation?

According to Chapter VII of Civil Rights Act of 1964 (USA), it has explicitly outlined different instances of sexual harassment and some punitive measures that ought to be taken to the person found culpable of committing it (Rao & Chandrakumara, 2014). The notable ones are coercing female workers to be intimate with the managerial failure to which they may lose their jobs. On the same breath, some workers are promised to get better remunerations if they befriend the ones in authority. Lastly, the situation is evident when one uses some obscene terms with the intent of arousing ones sexual desire.

List and discuss four state or federal laws that impact human resources in hotels today

As earlier indicated, Chapter VII of Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects all the employees in different firms. It is categorically provisioned that no one should discriminate another one because of gender, race, age, or disability (Rao & Chandrakumara, 2014). This implies that incase of application, all the applicants ought to be treated equally for the said post and given opportunity on equal measures. Most importantly, the previously mentioned Act stipulates that the four-fifth gender rule have to be observed. Moreover, under Equal Pay Act of 1963, all workers should get harmonized salary across the board not because of gender or any discriminatory act.


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