Middle East Essay Sample

Published: 2018-03-31
Middle East Essay Sample
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World Affairs: Are the Palestinians Blocking the Path to Peace in the Middle East?

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Both Israel and Palestine have a long history that existed even during the biblical periods. During these historical periods, peace was disrupted between the two nations, and since then, there has been a struggle between them. Efforts have been made to restore peace but, it has proven to be a difficult task since peace has never been restored. In this essay, the question of whether Palestinians are the real reason as to why peace has never been made will be answered.

From the extensive research carried out, it can be argued that Palestinians are not the reason why peace has never been restored between the two nations. Continued attempts have been tried by even the Palestinians to come to an agreement with the Israel nation but, both countries stand firm to their beliefs. It's, therefore, unfair to put the blame on the Palestinians and yet they are putting the same effort as the Israelites in an attempt to create peace. Furthermore, Palestinians have so far identified that their future is at risk because more wars are erupting daily and the citizens of this nation are living with fear.

Likewise, Israel has not done enough since it experiences war in its nation on almost a daily basis. Rather than blaming Palestinians, effort should be made to ensure that this nation receives the assistance it requires to obtain peace. One of the main reasons why peace has never been achieved is due to mistrust between the Israel and Palestine. Due to this mistrust, the meetings between the two nations are never successful, and if this continues, war will continue to be experienced. The only way that this issue between the two countries will be resolved will be through the intervention of other nations. So far, some countries have formed a coalition through the impetus of France in an attempt to intervene the issue. A meeting was made in France between 30 countries where the main topic was to restore peace in Israel and Palestine. It has been realised that continued ignorance might lead to the dispute spreading to other nations of the Middle East.

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