Essay Example. Effects of Afghanistan War on People

Published: 2023-03-14
Essay Example. Effects of Afghanistan War on People
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Typically, longer periods of conflict have adversely affected Afghanistan either politically, economically or socially. Consequently, this country's population has also been affected violently, leading to the insecure future. Even though Afghanistan has substantially shown an exciting as well as resilient national spirit, precisely, in the global face through the foreign presence as well as the occupation, and regardless of the excess pressure from the global political arena, such as the loyalty towards the regional powers, sadly, this particular country still suffers from various complicated challenges which hinder its ability to grow politically, socially individually and even economically without the support from the international actors for its stability both politically as well as economically. Besides, Afghanistan cannot develop its growth and development programs as well as state-building in the absence of global participants such as the United States of America.

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Indeed, since the American invasion in the early 21st century, as the global dialogue has dramatically enhanced the commitment towards the political stability, economic stability, peace, as well as redevelopment of Afghanistan, this particular nation has developed and promoted its agenda based on the decisions as well as ambitions of the global actors. The majority of the Afghanistan citizens (the Afghans) put all the blames for their country's present insecurity situation on the global actors' efforts who try to support the nation come out of the consistent war as well as the high level of dependency on the foreign aid. Therefore, this history research paper will help in discussing various effects of regular conflict on the Afghanistan individuals. A recent research finding conducted by interviewing some of the Afghans who blame the international actors for the reasonable and current state of Afghanistan as they claim that the presence of the military is one of the significant drivers of continual war in the country.

With no essential re-evaluation of various factors fueling war in the country, responsibilities of how this particular war got unfolded, as well as the outcomes for bringing about political instability in Afghanistan, while the various as well as the continuous constraints that this given country and its people face will bring no positive outcome but will make it very weak both politically and economically due to the consistent violence. Definitely, during the American invasion in the country, about sixty Afghans got killed in the whole country. Similarly, it has also been approximated that the Taliban military group controls more territory presently than any given period since the American military overthrew the group in the early 21st century.

Effects of Afghanistan War on People

Sadly, the frequent war in Afghanistan has adversely pushed the Afghans into a series of violence in the country as well as consistent destruction of industrial products which have significantly changed the country's social, economic as well as economic structures. At the time of the invasion of the Soviets as well as an occupation in the country from 1979 to 1989, the society of the Afghans was systematically and generally divided, decimated as well as militarized, which negatively affected an enormous Afghan population of about 1.5 million. However, immediately the soviet withdrew their troops from Afghanistan by 1989, this particular country got into civil violence as the mujahedeen commanders, originally got their financial as well as armory support from the global actors such as America as well as its allies, that is Pakistan as well as other countries from gulf region, as they had a desire in overthrowing the sitting government before turning against one another in the country. As the civil conflict adversely led to the enormous destruction of most Afghan towns as well as major cities and adverse divisions among the afghan societies, both the Afghanistan citizens as well as the global community, very tired and weak from the frequent war, started to form an opposition military wing that could enable stop war.

Nevertheless, as the Taliban group continued to take full control over massive areas of Afghanistan, they began to impose highly strict laws as well as policies, exceeding the normal interpretations of the Islamic doctrine. Generally, justice for the Taliban group became very inhuman and bloody, as well as, whereas most of the Afghanistan citizens got protected from the physical violence, they typically resided within the social as well as psychological torture and prison, which got imposed by the strict Sharia Laws and got enforced by the ruthless Taliban religious and military groups. Presently, security state in Afghanistan became more volatile as well as dangerous than in the early periods of the United States of America's invasion into the country. Generally, what is happening in the today's Afghanistan is not only about the protracted armed violence, but instead, the peak of the various violent wars as well as quickly changing the frontlines in the country. In between the global military activities and operations, consistent hostilities due to the societal divisions in the country, the insurgent groups, high criminality rate, as well as police brutality and political instability and tension, both the Afghans and their country's economic growth remain under frequent and deliberate attacks. Afghanistan as a country still remains delicate under consistent competing pressures from the global actors who try to push their political and economic agenda in the country, increased poverty rate, increased rate of corruption, high level of impunity, social fragmentation drug trafficking and addiction among the people, increased child labor, and other societal factors leads to the frequent outbreak of war in the country. From the security sector to the health sector, the majority of the Afghanistan population negatively got affected in all the aspects of their lives.

High Rate of Insecurity

According to the resent research, it shows that complicated as well as suicidal attacks become the top leading causes of the civilian victims, specifically in the urban places of Afghanistan. Since, the beginning of 2016, multiple attacks majorly contributed by the rebel groups such as the Taliban have greatly risen in the recent past, especially by use of motorcar as well as truck bombs in various areas such as Kabul as well as other main cities and towns. According to the historical findings, they indicate that most of these attacks by the rebel groups mainly target the sitting government as well as global military in the country, but however, leads to the massive death of the Afghans. Most people residing within the major towns and cities get subjected to the consistent as well as abrupt war daily, as this violence interferes with their daily access to the government services, the security as well as their daily livelihoods. During 2017, about 15,000 civilian individuals died due to the consistent war in Afghanistan, whereby about 900 victims were children who got killed through the bomb attack in various places they lived. Consequently, in 2018, about 9,000 people fell victims of the Afghanistan war as about 3,000 civilians died, while about 5000 got severe injuries due to the frequent violence in the entire country. According to the report by the UN Assistance Mission in the Afghanistan (UNAMA), (2014), indicated that out of the civilian victims of war, about 900 individuals were the female civilians and about 1,200 casualties were children.

In addition, the rebel groups such as the Taliban also targeting the Aid group employees like the Red Cross, the journalists, medical employees in the country, teachers, as well as the civilian infrastructures. Typically, the security risks for the civilians remain at high level, with the little trust and confidence in the law enforcers or may be the military forces to stop this particular war in Afghanistan. Besides, the Taliban group also plans to attack Afghan security forces which include the police and the army forces in the country, hence, reducing their capability as well as capacity to offer the protection services to the Afghan civilians. Typically, the civilians become frequently helpless due to the various factors in the country such as, forced recruitment, increased child labor, forced as well as early marriages, restrictions of movements, and gender-based conflicts as well as violence related to the criminal practices. In the entire aspect of Afghanistan war, the minority groups in the society such as women and children are most affected during the war as they get little protection attention from the law enforcement bodies, hence leading to increased human trafficking, early and forced marriages, increased child labor, forced recruitments, as well as illegal businesses which forces the civilians to participate due to the effects of violence in the country.

Similarly, the aerial attacks also lead to the significant damages on the main ground, which includes not only the physical victims, but also causes psychological consequences of these particular attacks on the civilian population. For instance, in 2018, research done by the global air operations indicated that about 40% rise on aerial attacks in comparison to the previous year 2017. The civilian victims due to the aerial operations consistently increased in three years time. These particular violence casualties have also been contributed by the global military engagement attacks with the rebel groups in Afghanistan with an aim of protecting the territory, the operation readiness, as well as to protect major confidential information of the government. Recently, the state of security in Afghanistan has greatly decreased, specifically in the recent past as the security bodies in the country have complained about the recent withdrawal of global security assistance forces by 2014, as well as the decrease in financial support for the Afghanistan security forces during the war periods.

Forced Displacement of Afghans

A report by the UNAMA, (2017) on the Afghanistan war indicates that about 500,000 Afghanistan people have been forced to flee their original homes due to the consistent war in the country. Furthermore, UNAMA also reported about 300% rise in the total number of the internally displaced people (IDPs) due the government and international actors' security forces conducting high degree of operations against the rebel groups like the Taliban in the eastern part of the country. Within the war-affected areas, intensified war has made several people to migrate to most urban centers where they would easily access livelihood services on daily basis. Most IDPs have been forcefully displaced from their original homelands to feel safe. Similarly, other effects of war on people of Afghanistan include poor access to health and education services and widespread of the Taliban group in the country.


In general, the current state in the Afghanistan exclusively indicates that the condition of the deep denial. Indeed, should the degree of war as well as the political corrosion proceed to increase, then, this particular country will lead itself and its people into the bottomless spiral of endless problems such as high dependency ration on foreign aid, as well as dysfunction, since the global community, the Afghan authorities, as well as the rebel groups such as the Taliban, continue in pursuing their selfish as well as warring interests at the severe expense of the Afghanistan population who are very innocent yet are the most affected victims during the warring periods in the country. Hence, Afghanistan authorizes should now begin rebuilding this particular country by avoiding over-reliance for military.

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