Essay Sample with Learning Reflection on the Course of Interior Photography

Published: 2022-05-13
Essay Sample with Learning Reflection on the Course of Interior Photography
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Stimulated thinking

The coursework activity has been an eye-opener to me pertaining to knowledge affiliated with interior photography. Before the beginning of the course, I was not aware of what the subject entailed, and my general assumption was that it was all about the techniques involved in interior photography. It was, however, an eye-opening experience to develop an understanding of the history of architectural photography and its impact on the perceptions of today's interior photography. While techniques of interior photography constituted my primary course, I was unaware of some tricks and tips that are an aid in making any photographer's a professional. It was therefore enlightening to gain knowledge and appreciate the new methods of approaching the photo shoots. The course has consequently enabled me to stimulate my thinking pertaining photography, and what it takes to be a professional.

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Broadened Knowledge

The knowledge base of trends within the field of interior photography has expanded my knowledge of the area. The post-production methods in photography including HDR imaging, use of Photoshop, and panoramic photography are the most effective methods currently used in the development of the raw photos. They are significant in dealing with the problems of natural imaging. Having understood their impact, it has enabled me to find an interest in learning the use of the software for my future photography endeavors. More knowledge on the fast-changing applications of digital technology has improved my understanding on the technological advances that are crucial to my area of study; therefore, I will work to adapt quickly to the changing technology and use it for the betterment of my skills in photography.


The summative coursework assessment was an opportunity for me to research further about the course. Some information regarding the history of interior and architectural research was scarce, but with much perusing through journals and books, I was able to find enough information regarding the book. For the topic of digital photography and tip and techniques of digital photography, information was readily available in the form of papers, theses, and internet sources. Writing the report was a hefty task and involved a lot of hours spent analyzing the information before making a proper summary and presenting it in my essay.

Challenge to Myself

I have done enough of the course and in the summative course assignment. My interaction with the unit has been practical as it compliments my interests as an upcoming photographer. The course has challenged me to learn more outside the class setting. I have understood that Photography is a skill that requires much practice to perfect the craft. I am also challenged to take up personal initiatives to learn Photoshop conclusively for better image outcomes.

Learning Outcomes

My final grade will be a proof of the outcomes from the course. I have mastered the course and believe that I should expect an above the average grade in the unit. The central ideas of interior photography that I have portrayed in the summative assignment are my work and will remain a part of me throughout my career. Therefore, I look forward to starting practicing the skill in the field, even after the course.

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