American Civil War

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America Enters the World Stage

Back in 1890s new economic, political, and ideological developments brought about the outrage of imperialistic expansionism by the US. This movement arose during the Spanish-American war, a conflict that began over freeing of Cuba and came to an e...
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Who was Nat Turner and why he was significant in history

Nat Turner was a black American slave who drove the main successful, managed slave resistance in U.S. history. Spreading fear all through the white South, his activity set off another flood of harsh enactment restricting the instruction, developme...
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Expansion, War and Reconstruction

Between 1844 and 1877, the U.S. was experiencing great development while its population grew considerably.
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Cause Of The Civil War Essay Sample

You're welcome to read Cause Of The Civil War Essay Sample. Since ancient times, the world has been experiencing civil revolts and wars.
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Reasons For American Civil War Essay Sample

You're welcome to read Reasons For American Civil War Essay Sample. The America civil war was marked with bloodshed and loss of lives.
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Social Causes Of The Civil War Essay Examples

You're welcome to read Social Causes Of The Civil War Essay Examples. Many studies have been conducted to identify causes of civil war.
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Native American History in the United States

The Paleo-Indians were the ancestors of the Native Americans. The First Americans developed creative and inventive culture.
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The American Experience Miners War Essay

According to american experience miners war essay, mine wars were considered civil wars that took place in the 20th century.
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Essay On Civil-Military Relations

According to essay on civil-military relations and the offensive perspectives, civil-military relations and offensive perspective trace its origin on a military technology partnership which was to stabilize the European Strategic balance of July 1914
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The Civil War Essay

The questions that linger in our minds is what are these causes and how did they bring the rapture of the civil war?
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