Essay Sample: Expansion Into a New National Market

Published: 2023-01-03
Essay Sample: Expansion Into a New National Market
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As a leader who is a representative of the US corporation that usually manufacturer rubber tire. I will choose China as the country where we will do this particular kind of business since it is more populated and is equipped and the level of technology in China is advanced as compared to other countries. Each leader beginning with the vice chairman, chairman, clerk and also the treasurer is anticipated to conduct out their assigned roles to help in the achievement of the target of the corporation.

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The chairman will establish the strategies and will inform all the club members of the strategy.When the strategy is put into place according to the plan, the firm will be able to thrive and expand. The strategy that will be set by the chairman will include the goals, opportunity, and economic benefit. The chairman will make sure that the policies are written down and presented consequently in order to permit the workforces in the company to know their duties in the company when doing the implementation of the strategies that I will have come up with. The objectives of this business will be designed in order to aid in the goal setting that the company must accomplish in a given time duration, the scope that will be written down will be of great help since the chairman will make sure that the territory is tactical for the firm and will have a benefit in the competition, I will make sure that I make use of the competition weakness in use, putting customers interest first, compensation and rewarding of hard-working workers in order to motivate them to work more harder .

Additionally, I would give an explanation to our esteemed customers the reason why they should buy our rubber tire products from our stalls, outlining the distinct happenings that are invention management, the confidence of customers and superiority in the way our corporate excels. Since the business will be taken to a new place because the product to be manufactured is already known to us that is smuggled and contrived, I will concentrate on customer target and briefing the customers on the produced product, this will be of great advantage since he will get information on what the customers desire and needs are, the quality that the customers need together with their preference. Through customer interactions, the establishment will be able to get data on the areas of creation that require more concentration that is the existing ones and the new activities this will help in the identification of prospective customers.

The duties of the administration will be goal setting for the workers and making a decision on what activities should be put into place in order to accomplish the goals of the business. The other responsibility will include the division of tasks into activities that can be managed and assigning them to the employees to perform them (Treacy & Wiersma, 1995). The task of accountability of interpretation of the performance through establishing appropriate goals and standards will be on his shoulder. Lastly, he will be given the mandate for the maintenance of workers in the firm since they are vital possessions. The management will set the aims, motivation and communication, organization, development of the workers and setting of the measures in the company which will put in place in case any mistake is identified in the business.

My advice to the chairman will be that he should make use of leadership type that is participative and also democratic that is including the opinions and suggestions of the members and customers before making the final decision concerning a particular matter of concern this will help in better decision making. With a democratic type of leadership, the employees will have the freedom of expression which will make them happy since they can be able to air out their burning issues to their leaders without fear. This type of leadership also makes the workers feel privileges and valued since their opinions are considered important and they are part and puzzle of the organization.

This business of rubber will be expanded on the other market which will be in China, the vice chairman must have the knowledge of the factors which may affect the business this will range from political, cultural, economic, competition level in the marketplace and environmental risks that the business will be faced with. He must make sure that the authority is stable and rules set which govern conducts that may affect the industry is anticipated ad adjustable.

The location of the rubber tire should be located in an environment that has no violence, warfare and has no terrorist attacks history, analysis of the domain should be done to make sure that the business is not politically vulnerable (Campbell and Melvin, 2006).The vice chairman must have an understanding of the laws that are there in between the organization and the government this will include laws of intellectual property right, laws to do with antitrust in the foreign countries, ecological laws, and marketable laws. This knowledge will be of importance since the business will be able to adhere to these laws hence not having problems with the government.

The operation of the staff will be done in a way that any appointed leader performs the duties and responsibilities that he or she is given.The operation manager will be dealing with the financial issue of the company this will involve the incomes and expenditures done. The accountant, on the other hand, will be given the responsibilities of giving out monthly statements of income, balance sheets payroll and how the funds have been managed. The receptionist will be assigned the task of dealing with the phone calls, and billing that are important to the business. The manager of marketing will be assigned the duties of handling all the features concerned with the promotion and marketing of the products.

The manager who will be concerned with receiving and shipping will take part in the wrapping, assembling, conveyance of distributions and reception of the materials and products that are coming into the firm(Simkins & Ramirez, 2007). The secretary will be assigned the duty of dealing with the legal matters which will consist of a structure of business where she will make the decision of the suitable structure whether a corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship. The license that will be taken for the business will put into consideration the type of the business where registration of tax and permits are necessary requirements (Temin, 2008). An agreement which is non-disclosure will be imperative as it will give the company protection on vital data so that other unauthorized people cannot access it. Lastly, she will make sure that the zoning of business is done appropriately.

The opportunities and strengths of conducting the business will be comprised of available markets where there are unavailable services which the market will provide that are of high demand by the clients and this may attract certain motivations from the government for economy-boosting. The new national market that will be expanded may experience variety of advantages which will range from favorable climate of conducting the business such as a friendly environment ,fewer rules and regulations from the government ,low tax system, exposure maybe another advantage since it will help in the creation of an outcome that has an impact globally.

Through the expansion of the business, rejuvenation can be possible in this firm since it will be in a position of acquiring new outlets for the rubber products and services which are necessary to the clients. The treasurer will be mandated in dealing with issues to do with foreign trade such as shortages endorsements, restrictions and price list (Kakabadse & Kakabadse, 2007). He will make sure that those issues are avoided at any cost and do not have any impact on the business this will be of great help to the firm since it helps in achievement of objectives of the business. Room for trade growth and prospering through competing is created when interference and disagreement are corrected through agreement worldwide.

The steps of negotiating will include preparing and planning where the causes of the conflict between two firms may arise from, the second step will involve defining the grounds and rules where establishment of approach and planning will be, arranging the time and place for the negation to occur, the conflicting parties will be offered with an opportunity to air their points over the same matter. The third step will involve clarifying and justifying that is both firms elucidation, emphasizing, augmenting and giving clarifications on their burdens in a peaceful manner. Both parts will give documents supporting their arguments. The fourth step will be that of bargaining and solving the problem where both parties come into agreement on the issue of dispute. Lastly, closing and implementing this brings to an end the process of negotiation.


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