Free Essay Example on Sports Fellowship

Published: 2022-03-22 09:17:19
Free Essay Example on Sports Fellowship
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Sports fellowship is a foundation that uses sports as a means of spreading the word of God. The members believe they have a calling to spread the word of God. The mission's goals include nurturing talent, spreading the gospel, and continuously supporting the mission's works.

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The Sports fellowship will have a hierarchy of leadership. At the top of the hierarchy will be the Chairman. The main duty of the Chairman will be: providing a sense of direction by coordinating the activities of the Fellowship in the seven continents. This means he will maintain regular contact with the administrators at the continental level and ensure they are adequately financed to carry out sporting activities.

The Sports Fellowship will also have an executive secretary that will carry out duties prescribed by the Chairman. She will also organize meetings and take minutes of the meetings.

The Administrators of the continent will organize the grounds that will be used for the sporting activities. They will also carry out the recruitment exercises that will lead to participation in the sporting events and eventual enrollment into the fellowship.

The treasury of the Fellowship will consist of 8 members. Each of the members will be in charge of the finances of the 7 continents and 1 additional member to represent the islands of the world. Any loss of funds will be followed up by the continent's treasurer.

An able team with a strong Christian foundation will be made available to each of the Administrators at the continental level. They will carry out duties assigned to them by the Administrators on the ground.

Logistical needs


Funding for the Sports Fellowship will be obtained from two sources, that is, the Government and Corporate Sponsorships. The government through the ministry of sports has been supporting such programs through budgetary allocations. In previous years the government has funded up to 60 % of the fellowship's activities and the figure will be the same in the current financial year (Jona et al., 2013).

The corporate sponsors that have pledged their support include Adidas and Pepsi ltd. Pepsi will contribute 20% of the fellowship's budget which will come in form of beverages and cash at the bank. On the other hand, Adidas will contribute an equal figure of 20% of the total budget. This sponsorship will be received in form of kits and boots for the sports teams. They will also contribute in form of cash at the bank.

Physical Space and Equipment

The Physical Space for sports and ministry and activities will be organized by the Chairman of the Sports fellowship. The chairman will get in touch with the local authorities for the respective countries and negotiate the payments to be made for the sports facilities. As for the equipment, most of them will be obtained through the sponsorship deals with the corporate sponsors, while the rest will be purchased and transported to the various locations in the world.


Most of the Personnel will be volunteers from Christian organizations across the world. The ministry will send some of its officials to oversee the activities of the fellowship while the fellowship will also have its own employees on the ground.

Transportation and Lodging

The transportation for the personnel and sports teams will be paid for by the fellowship. Air transportation will be provided to personnel from the main headquarters in the United States t their respective destinations across the world. They will also be provided with petty cash for their daily expenses. The personnel will search places in their respective locations where there is a secure and conducive environment where they will keep their personal belongings and spend their nights.


Planning for the activities of the Sports Fellowship will be conducted in a meeting that will be convened one month prior to the date of commencement of the activities. All stakeholders will be required to attend the meeting. They will include the chairman, representatives of the corporate sponsors and sports ministry, selected church leaders across the world, and senior personnel of the Sports Fellowship.

No activities which are contrary to Christian teachings will be tolerated during the events. The sports events will be guided strictly by the Christian teachings:

"1 Timothy 4:8-for while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come." (Conzelmann et al., 2013)

"1 Corinthians 9:25-All athletes are disciplined in their training. They do it to win a prize that will fade away, but we do it for an eternal prize." (Heil, 2015)

Overall, the administration, logistics, and Planning for the activities of the fellowship need to be smooth. The mission of the fellowship is: to recruit, develop through training, support and steward committed Christians in the efficient use of sports to spread the Gospel of Christ and the Vision is: to model talented Christians who will champion the worldwide evangelization of the gospel through sports. Smoothness in the operations of the fellowship throughout the Sports events will ensure the success of the fellowship. The goals of the fellowship such as spreading the gospel through sports will work perfectly with the models provided to spread the gospel.


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