Essay Example: Decriminalizing or Legalizing Sex Work

Published: 2023-02-21
Essay Example: Decriminalizing or Legalizing Sex Work
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In the modern world, sex work is a common practice in different cities and towns across the world. Sex workers refers to the adults who receive goods or money in exchange for the erotic performances and the consensual sexual services. The practice can either be performed occasionally and regularly. In Canada, many people are involved in the prostitution. The current laws on the sex work was introduced by the conservative government in the year 2014. The above laws made it illegal to advertise or purchase sexual services; the same laws made it illegal to live on the material benefit from the prostitution. In Canada, even though the prostitution is legal, in some cases, it is illegal to solicit in the public areas. The term "sex work" recognizes the fact that sex is a form of work. On the other hand, prostitution has some implication of immorality and criminality. In Canada, majority of the people who offer sexual services prefer to use the term "sex work" they find the term "prostitution" stigmatizing and demeaning. The term contributes to their exclusion from legal, health, as well as social services. In most cases, most of the prostitutes often engages in the sex work because it is the best option for them. Most of the sex workers struggle the destitution and poverty as they have few options of work. In some cases, there are people who find sex work or prostitution to offer better pay as well as the flexible working conditions compared to other jobs. There are also individuals who pursue sex work to express and explore their sexuality.

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One of the sociological journal about the potential sociological journal implications of the decriminalizing or legalizing sex work is "Buy Me Love: Realizing the Economic Potential of Sex Work Decriminalization and legalization." According to the journal article, the achievement of decriminalization will enable sex workers, their clients as well as other people associated with the business to enjoy full labor protections and rights. They will be able to carry out advertisement of their services in the appropriate channels and improve the operational processes. In addition they will have the capacity to hire managers, assistant managers, body guard, and in addition, access the police services and court protection from the maltreatment and violence from different people and organization. Nonetheless, with the decriminalization of the prostitution or sex work, the courts may decide to uphold the Canadian laws as they stand in the contemporary society. In some cases, the amendments ought to be done. If the present laws remains unchanged, sex workers may continue to experience the provision of their services within the criminalized environment and as a result, they may become unable to enjoy similar protection and rights accorded to them by other Canadian laws (Natasha, 2013).

Legalizing sex work may have great implications to the Canadian economy. Succicinlty, the economy may experience potential profits from taxation, long term investments and employment opportunities. In the process of legalizing the sex work or prostitution, the courts may be forced to change laws that may protect sex workers. Also, the legal systems may get engaged in the formulation of some laws that guides the acts of prostitution. Depending on the laws that may be discarded as well as those that may be upheld, the outcomes for the prostitutes, their clients as well as the Canadian economy may change to reflect possible legal modifications. In Canada, sex workers or prostitutes work within the informal economy. Formalization or legalization of the sex work or the act of prostitution will boost the Canadian Economy.

The decriminalization of sex work will grow the Canadian economy through addition of revenues from the business and personal income, increased tourism, business permit application and renewals and the extra jobs that are created through the decriminalization as a result of the involvement of the third party. Legalization of sex work may lead to the increased employment of the drivers, administrative assistants, and bodyguards whose occupations will lead to additional tax and revenues. An increase in commercial sex will also enhance healthcare cost savings as well as harm reduction. Legalization of the sex work may lead to the reduced rates of arrests for the newly decriminalize activities, a situation that may lead to the overall cost savings (Natasha, 2013). The decriminalization of the sex work or prostitution may save customers money. Sex workers may decide to charge lower fees as a result of the reduced risks that often arise from the security or police officers operating at night.

Main Purpose of the Article

The main purpose of the journal article above is to indicate the implication of the legalization of sex work on the Canadian economy. The article elaborates that legalizing sex work will greatly boost the economy through the creation of income in tourism and other sectors. The article also indicates the impact of legalizing sex work on social life in Canadian society. The article also enhances the understanding of the laws surrounding the legalization of prostitution or sex work. Finally, the above article elaborates on the problems associated with sex work and the implication for the people engaged in the provision of similar services.

Main Points of the Author's Argument

From the article, the author argues that legalizing or decriminalization of the sex work may boost the economy. Through the increased activities of tourism, the economy will realize increase in revenues through taxation. The author argues that through the decriminalization of the sex work, those in the industry will be able to create more employment opportunities as a result of increase in income. Some of the services that will be provided by the sex workers include driving, bookkeeping, office assistant, as well as other support and administrative professionals. Hiring employees will be on the rise as more people will be able to connect with the clients through increased advertisements. The legalization of sex work can therefore improve the economy and boost taxation.

Research Orientation Used

In the article, the author employs the positivist orientation to support the claims being made on the sex work. The positivist holds that the physical world operates in accordance to the general laws whereby the intuitive and introspective knowledge is ignored. The rejection of sex work or prostitution cannot be verified by the sense of experience. The author tries to authenticate what society perceives to be negative or immoral. According to the author, prostitution is good as it enhances economic growth through generation of income as well as the creation of employment. Through the analysis, the author highlights the positive implications of legalizing sex work or prostitution. The author uses macro-level analysis whereby there is an advanced analysis of positive impacts of prostitution.

The sociological approach employed by the author is the social-conflict whereby. The writer tries to substantiate what is morally wrong but economically beneficial. In most cases, such research often triggers the arguments and opposition from different social groups such as religious groups as well as social activists. Even though the author substantiate every positive impacts of the legalization of prostitution, the limitation of the research relies on the inability to prove the claims through statistical means. In other words, there is lack of quantitative approach that is able to provide real observation on whether legalizing prostitution is good for the Canadian economy. The strength of the article lies on the ability of the author to employ supporting evidence from different literature.

Personal Perspective

Even though the author fails to incorporate the quantitative approaches, the use of secondary information provides strong support to the literature (Madeleine, 2002). Legalizing prostitution is essential for the growth of the economy through the improvement in the revenues and tourism sector. Although many countries make prostitution illegal, the fact still remains that those involved in the act are able to do it secretly without the knowledge of the public.

One of the media sources about prostitution is "Don't Legalize Prostitution" by Madeleine Kearns. The above piece of media talks on the importance or the economic implication of legalizing prostitution.


Madeleine, K., (2002). Don't Legalize Prostitution., 1847-1918. University of Illinois Press.

Natasha, S.,(2013) Buy Me Love: Realizing the Economic Potential of Sex Work Decriminalization and Legalization. University of Illinois Press.

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