Cultural Competence in Global Society - Essay Sample for Students

Published: 2022-04-28
Cultural Competence in Global Society - Essay Sample for Students
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Meaning of Globalization

Globalization can be described as a process through various people, governments and companies from all around the globe interact regarding international investments and trade through the use information technology. It also affects the environment, political systems, culture, economic growth and development, national prosperity and well-being of citizens within several societies of the world. Globalization started many years ago where countries traded with each through selling and buying of products from each while they were physically far away from each other. An example of globalization can be through the investment of a particular company to open various enterprises within more than three countries; for instance, the Coca-Cola Company has enterprises all over the world.

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Meaning of being "culturally competent."

To be culturally competent can be described as the will of people to overcome misunderstandings with other people, respect others and be open to new cultures. It also means people working towards their cultural strengths, and finally acquiring social security as well as opportunities (Livingstone, 2018). Cultural competence requires a person to build an active act of understanding other people from different cultures based on their expectations as well as formulation of attitudes and improvement of the knowledge of other people's perception. Therefore, the process entails a vast number of people within a large society. It means that they should find it easy to respect diversity amongst people and perceiving it for its benefits only. This act helps communities to establish children education and programs that can teach them on what a diversely cultural society means and how to efficiently survive in it.

Our obligations as citizens in a global society

Citizens in a global community are ones who perceive themselves to be in an economically sustainable place, and yet they are willing to be part of all the actions, improving their lives as well. Therefore, the obligations of a citizen in a global society include offering support to all the values that are supported by the specific community. Also, one is expected to be open to changes as a global society is further comprised of the introduction of the latest technologies as well as innovations and inventions every now and them (Israel, 2018). They should also be culturally diverse and understand that it is essential to respect the cultures of other people and embrace them to view their benefits.

How Obligations materialize for us as Healthcare Leaders in a Global Society

The above obligations materialize for the healthcare leaders within a global society in a way that allows them to embrace global healthcare inventions and acquire better networking to improve their services. Also, healthcare leaders are better placed to now have comprehensive thoughts regarding their practice, locality, leadership and how to apply these thoughts to the improvement of the healthcare sector in general (Nechlani, 2017). They are also able to acquire better global consultations which they use to achieve specific global healthcare difficulties. It means that they can view and perceive all their problems from a global perspective.

How Healthcare Leaders Better Prepare Themselves for the Cultural Challenges, They will be facing the Healthcare Arena in the Future

Healthcare leaders should undertake programs such as understanding all the factors that surround healthcare from a global perspective so that they may be well placed to solve any cultural challenges that they may face in the future. They should interact more with the worldwide healthcare practitioners who are well educated and have proficient skills and knowledge to help them overcome any related problems they could be having (Nechlani, 2017). They should also improve their global interactions with other healthcare leaders so that they may enhance their foreign policies and be better placed to solve problems. This process ensures that they remain competitive in a global society as they improve their healthcare services and leadership roles.

Furthermore, healthcare leaders need to learn how to be more culturally diverse. It teaches them to respect other cultures and embrace them. Also, it is required for them to interact with professions from all cultures. It helps them to be fully prepared to interact with other healthcare leaders from around the globe.


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