Cultural Diversity and Business Environment - Discussion Paper Example

Published: 2022-12-11
Cultural Diversity and Business Environment - Discussion Paper Example
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Week 1 Discussion

Cultural diversity is a crucial aspect in identifying, advancing, and developing talent in a multicultural business environment. Therefore, the diversity compels leaders in a culturally diverse setting to comprehend the need for building accountability into their systems to enhance cultural diversity (Jayanthi & Rajandran, 2015). Additionally, leaders need to understand diversity as an approach to meetings enhancements and the needs of clients. The multicultural setting has an inclusion of both benefits and challenges. Benefits of multicultural engagement include increased creativity. Ideally, the culturally diverse environment has different people having various backgrounds and experiences; hence, by combining the multiple pieces of knowledge creation is realised. More so, culturally diverse environment enhances alignment with an increasingly global workforce.

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On the other hand, the language barrier is regarded as the most obvious barrier to realise cultural diversity. Generally, people speak various languages in a cultural environment, and it becomes hard to communicate and understand each other. Further, technical and cultural challenges are established as factors that hinder cultural diversity.

Week 2 Discussion

Employees are essential individuals in a business environment. Ideally, their efforts play an integral role in actualising a company's objectives. The employee's efforts compel managers to come up with ways of motivating them. For example, providing incentives, employees are given bonuses in addition to their regular salaries. Further, managers can motivate employees by offering opportunities for advancement (Jessica, Helen & Richard, 2016). Motivations in a business environment are mainly used to instil a sense of inclusivity to employees and also a way of acknowledging employees of their excellent work.

Week 3 Discussion

Working in groups is quite challenging. The challenge is mainly realised because of the difference in culture present in the groups. The problems range from the language barrier and cultural beliefs. Various approaches are ideal in overcoming the challenges. For instance, excellent communication skills foster good understanding; therefore, curbs the misunderstandings. Additionally, problems in groups can be controlled through the sharing of individuals cultural beliefs.

Week 4 Discussion

Ethical standards determine how companies, as well as clients, should contact themselves in case of an engagement. I do not think some companies operate without ethical standards. Companies cannot function without ethical standards because the moral rules state what the company does and what is required from the customer. There are some instances that leaders misuse powers such as making determinations that are predetermined (Jessica, Helen & Richard, 2016). Also, leaders can abuse power when they foster nepotism in a company.

Week 5 Discussion

A virtual team is ideal in businesses as they cut the costs of human labour. Additionally, virtual team usefulness is seen through efficiency and timely responses as well as they require minimal supervision to be implemented. Although, the virtual team have advantages they possess various shortcomings such as expensive to start. Also, it requires top-notch skills to maintain and control.

Week 6 Discussion

Communication is sometimes a tricky concept with an institution. However, it is significantly linked to organisational structure. Typically, effective communication guarantees robust corporate structure. Further, effective communication aids the employees to collaborate efficiently; therefore, strengthening the organizational structure of a business. Group decision making is ideal in situations where a critical situation demands knowledge of different skills (Jayanthi & Rajandran, 2015). More so, group decision making is suitable in cases where the problem at hand affects various skills in a company.

Week 7 Discussion

The course learning was helpful. I acquired knowledge in different areas. For example, the concept of ethical standards was ideal in enabling one to be diverse and hold integrity in a business environment particularly, in a multicultural setting. Additionally, I was able to comprehend the benefits of multicultural backgrounds and how to have meaningful interactions. The concept of decision making was also ideal in understanding the various tactics employed to come up with inclusive decisions.


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