Paper Example: What Marketing Strategy Is Pepsi Using?

Published: 2023-04-11
Paper Example: What Marketing Strategy Is Pepsi Using?
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Generally, Pepsi Company is considered as one of the top leading soda-beverage brands across the globe, since its formation. This particular brand has continued performing substantially even during the economic recession periods and also continued expanding its business as well as transforming its product portfolio. One of the significant aspects of its success, as well as recognition at the global market level in terms of brand superiority, is its effective marketing strategy (Sandra Moriarty & Mitchell, p. 131). Due to the stiff competition in the worldwide market, the Pepsi brand has heavily invested in marketing as well as product innovation to achieve successful growth. Similarly, the Pepsi brand also invests heavily in technology for adequate growth and proper marketing at the global level.

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The marketing strategies of Pepsi Company include appropriate market positioning and market segmentation, where in the market, Pepsi has positioned itself as a snack as well as beverage brand (Sandra Moriarty & Mitchell, p. 140). The beverage brand has also maintained an affordable pricing strategy for all its customers, and also it targets all customers from all income segments for equitable satisfaction. Another marketing strategy of PepsiCo consists of product and packaging innovation, digital marketing campaigns as well as big data, Sports marketing, and sponsorships, and also Pepsi's social media marketing strategy.

Which segmentation variables is Pepsi using when it narrows its marketing efforts for regular Pepsi-Cola to "soda drinkers younger than 25, Latinos, African-Americans, and sports fans"?

Generally, Pepsi Company segments its markets based on four significant segmentation variables to distribute as well as increase its revenues in the global markets. These significant segmentation variables include Geographic Segmentation, Demographic Segmentation (Sandra Moriarty & Mitchell, p. 137), Psychographic, and Behavioral Segmentation. Hence, through its brand logo during the advertising campaigns called Next Generation and Joy of Pepsi, Pepsi targets youthful customers below 25 years within its Demographic Segmentation, while its sports fans are well represented in its Psychographic segmentation to increase its market revenues. Therefore, through its four main market segmentation variables, PepsiCo is able to satisfy all its customers' needs in the market.

What is Pepsi trying to accomplish with its increased effort to reach these consumers who do not consume Soda?

PepsiCo aims at changing its attitude toward diet soda. Currently, several youthful consumers' attitudes toward diet soda are negative. Hence, Pepsi would like to change that attitude by adopting sugarless drinking brands for sufficient customer satisfaction (Sandra Moriarty & Mitchell, p. 133). Usually, the attitudes of customers are more significant to the advertisers since they influence how the consumers perform the evaluation of products. Since some of the consumers are diabetic; PepsiCo has introduced a new sugarless drinking brand in order to satisfy their needs without any given problem. Similarly, there are also those consumers with a negative attitude towards the consumption of the soda brand; PepsiCo has also introduced diverse drinks in all its global market segmentation to target all its customers.


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