Role of Extroversion in Choice of Roommate - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-08-22
Role of Extroversion in Choice of Roommate - Essay Sample
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Extroverts will almost always rise through the ranks in whatever challenge they take up, as they seek higher status and more rewards. They have a high degree of self-confidence, and any challenge they take up drives their passion and desire very high. Since they are outgoing and social, highly confident, and friendly, introverts try to build a relationship fast, which comes to their aid in meeting their targets and objectives. Extroverts trust a person quite fast, which makes their choice of partners a little hastened. The prerequisite considerations for their choice of mates are quite narrow. An extrovert's inability to spend time alone is a catalyst in their haste choice of partners, especially roommates (Nelson & Thorne, 2012). They will jump into the idea of living with someone even without taking concern on who precisely the roommate could be in terms of character and personality. However, it is still unclear why extroverts make the choices they make about roommates, and if it is any different from what an introvert would do. Therefore, this study helps distinguish the extroversion traits that come into play when choosing a roommate. With this, it would be easy to determine if extroversion plays any significant role in the choice of a mate.

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Past Research

Research Question: How does extraversion relate to picking a random roommate?

Hypothesis: Extraversion plays an insignificant role in the choice of a roommate.

Extroversion is one of the personality traits used to describe people. One area of life where it plays a part, is in the social life of an individual, specifically the choice of a roommate. The preferences and considerations of people in the selection of roommates are wide-ranging and vary from person to person (Sickler & Roskos, 2013). The personality trait informs the concerns of the individual. Trust is fundamental in selecting a roommate, and the fact that extroverts trust so fast means they do not usually evaluate whom they choose with keen interest. To them, the mantra of “the end justified the means” is the guiding principle.

An extrovert is likely to be interested in having a roommate who is a fellow extrovert more than they would love an introvert. In many cases, an extrovert loves crowds and parties, which is a total contrast to what introverts love (Nelson & Thorne, 2012). Therefore, extroverts could desire to live with someone who would never be annoyed whenever there is a party in the house; or a crowd of friends visit with so much noise. If two roommates are extroverts, they are likely to enjoy the crowds and parties, and in case they do not enjoy, they are most likely to excuse their roommates whenever such happens.


This study has a specific focus, trying to evaluate the cognitive and behavioral aspects of why extroverts make the decisions that they make. Past experiments have centered on identifying how the character of extroverts plays out in their relationships. It also seeks to understand the motivations behind their behaviors. However, this study aims to create an understanding surrounding the decisions they make. Through questionnaires and focus groups, the study shall collect data for analysis on different parameters. In the questionnaires, one shall collect data relating to the motivations behind the decisions of participants. The research shall heavily use the Likert Scale in the questionnaires.

Expected Results: - After testing the hypothesis, the hope is to conclude that extroversion plays an insignificant role in the choice of a roommate. It is in no way different from what an introvert would do.


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Sickler, S., & Roskos, B. (2013). Factors That Play a Role in First-Year Students' On-Campus Housing Decisions. Journal of College & University Student Housing.

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