Essay Sample on Performance and Status Quo in Communication

Published: 2023-08-06
Essay Sample on Performance and Status Quo in Communication
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The term status quo refers to the current social condition or also political status. In other words, it can refer to the image one portrays to the society and it happens mostly to the people of the lower social class (Heath, 2) The status quo of an individual can be used to challenge the performance of any given person in various ways. In the communication process, the images portrayed are significant in delivering any given information and making the whole process effective. In pictures used in the advertisement, the photos have a different performance to different people of the social classes. Although the photographs have what may be referred to as intentional significance, they deliver different messages across the community. Additionally, the images are so frank, and in some incidences, they are not so emphatic.

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The performance of the advertisement images entirely depends on the social class and the status quo of the group being targeted by the advertisement. For example, the Panzani advertisement contains different messages depending on the target audience. The news here includes support for the caption in the picture by bringing out the linguistic message. Apart from the linguistic message, the advertisement is a clear image that is supposed to deliver the main idea to the target market (Heath, 8). Here it provides the freshness of the commodity and its value to any society; hence the image will be influential in persuading any buyer to purchase the commodity depending on the status quo. In this scenario, the image contains all the necessary conditions of a balanced diet. As a result, it may be difficult to deliver the intended message to the people of the lower class level. It can be challenging in that they barely know the components that make up a balanced diet.

The image also contains what can be referred to as cultural knowledge. In the communication process, it is necessary to consider the cultural difference that may challenge the performance of an individual in the communication process. For example, an advertisement the marketing team finds it difficult to deliver the intended message to the community if it contradicts society (Heath, 10) In a case where the advertisement is based on Italian linguistics the French will perform poorly in understanding the product. Hence they will not perform in an excellent manner. Additionally, the code in the message can be used to challenge the status quo. Communication performance can be significant in challenging in that messages without a code may be well delivered without any constraints.

Moreover, the performance of an individual may challenge the status quo of society. In most cases, the way one interacts with colleagues in a conversation will be vital in determining the effectiveness of the communication (Heath, 18). The status quo also makes it difficult to analyze the connotation, and this mostly happens when there is no given analytical linguistics is applied. As a result, there may be some miscommunication in the process, and this affects the performance.

In conclusion, performance in any given conversation can be used to challenge the status quo of an individual. For example, in advertisements, the performance of the images is crucial to determine the social class of the target market. Hence it is essential to consider the idea to ensure that the advertisement reaches the targeted individuals, and it is effective.

Work Cited

Heath, Stephen. "Image-Music-Text." London: Fontana (1977): 78-118.

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