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Many believe that a person is nothing but a sum of experiences and memories. As popular culture would have us believe, a strong knock on the head can wipe the memory clean and leave the victim a blank slate with a new, often unrecognizable, personality and no recollection of relationships and habits. 

Considering the importance of every memory, writing a personal experience essay should be the easiest thing in the world. But for some reason, most students get stumped when the assignment arises, and they agonize for weeks trying to choose the right event to describe, the perfect hook to open the paper or the ideal parting thought. In the meantime, the submission deadline comes ever closer, and the paper ends up hurried and sloppy, slashing points off the final class grade.

To wrap your head around this innocuous assignment, let’s start with the personal experience definition. There are several ways to look at any experience. One deals with the conscious event, the actions you took or an accident that occurred. Another covers your internal reaction to the event, the feelings and personal perceptions of the happening. Finally, personal experience can deal with the lessons learned from an event and their influence on the following days and years of your life.

You can choose to cover only one aspect of any experience or all three of them. Besides, you can describe several events that resulted in a similar emotional response or led you to where you are in life now. Or you could narrate a chain of events that produced a valuable life lesson.

Every experience in your essay should be bigger than life or extremely vivid. That’s another common misconception about this assignment type. When it comes to experience, personal is the operative word. You can describe something small and innocent that seems completely irrelevant at first glance, but that ends up affecting your life. 

So you don’t have to settle for banal life experiences examples, like losing an important game or traveling on your own for the first time. Instead, you could describe a conversation with your grandma or a book your mom used to read to you when you were small. Even your experience watching a favorite episode of an old sci-fi show could be a good topic for an essay.

After you decide what you want to write about, the actual writing process can still give you trouble. It’s difficult to understand how to start your narration and incorporate different aspects of the story into a single smooth flow. Before panic sets in, check out a couple of personal experience essay examples from our database. They should give you a better idea of possible outlines and hook options. Besides, you might find someone with a similar experience and mimic their work.

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