Charting a Course: My Journey Towards Business Technology Management - Paper Sample

Published: 2024-01-28
Charting a Course: My Journey Towards Business Technology Management - Paper Sample
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In my education career, I have always wished to advance my education level and attain a career that I enjoy practicing. Having been brought up in a family where everyone had advanced in education really motivated me to commit to pursuing the same path. I have always viewed my parent's work in the business field with a lot of admiration. In addition to the influence of my parents to study business, my desire was catalyzed by the business studies course I undertook in an Introduction to business studies course in high school. The achievement of this course will give me a great sense of accomplishment and psychological and intellectual fulfillment. I believe that my high level of natural drive will facilitate achieving my career goal.

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Going through high school has not always been a smooth encounter and the challenging experience has prepared me to undertake this course. I attended a career development symposium in high school aimed at providing guidance to high school students on career choice. My interaction with other students proved that business and technology courses are important courses in the current modern world and the dynamic business environment. The facilitators provided a clear picture of the requirement of excellence in business courses which really resonated with me and improved my motivation to pursue the business technology management course.

My extracurricular activity involvement in volleyball has ensured the development of life skills that have ultimately prepared me to undertake a business course. I am also a member of the athletic council in school which has provided me with leadership skills which is a key prerequisite in education and career success in business. In playing volleyball, I am able to apply teamwork to achieve a win in the game. Besides, volleyball has also been equipped with critical analysis skills that help identify where to attack the opponent team and improve mental and energy in the face of challenges in competitive play. During competitive play, there are instances of defeat which has equipped me with the emotional strength to accept challenges and initiate performance improvement strategies.

Being a member of the athletic council has exposed me to leadership skills through my involvement in providing guidance and coordination of all athletic activities in school. The council activities such as planning athletic activities, ensuring all schedules are met, and coordinating all parties to ensure the success of the gaming activities enhanced my leadership, communication, and collaboration skills. I hope to be an active participant in these extracurricular activities once admitted to the business technology management course.

My experience as a customer service officer has sharpened my communication enabling me to communicate with different types of individuals effectively. I believe that these skills will enable me to maintain robust interpersonal and inter-professional skills during the course and in my future career in business technology management. Involvement in all these activities has made an all-around student ready to pursue the course once offered the opportunity.

An opportunity to pursue a business technology management course from the Ted School of Management will enable me to achieve my dream career. The admission opportunity will also provide a great opportunity for my personal growth to be a successful student in all aspects. I believe that I will be granted this opportunity to pursue a business technology course at your institution.

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