Essay Sample on Personal Development and Religion

Published: 2024-01-11
Essay Sample on Personal Development and Religion
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I was about 7years old when a friend across the street invited me to his home, where he had a basement with a set of drums. It was a 1960s kit, and I fell in love with the drums. That day was when I started my journey in training while enjoying playing drums and guitars. Nobody else around me or in my family or any of my friends could or wanted to play drums, so I never got that motivation from them. That was when I decided to settle in the church where at least I had some motivation from one of the Christian friends and ended up following the dreams of a drummer as I became one with so much passion. Drums, just their appearance, their sound, their ability to move a song along, and I had a rich friend—Bonham, my friend who help shape and advance me as I grew up.

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Engagement in Church

Then one day, my mother took me to a beach boy’s concert in Durham, North Carolina. There was Dennis Wilson bashing Rogers’s kit. That is when I gained the courage to say that I knew how to play drums, and there was something I would be able to do. So, I engaged myself in church and joined the choir. There was something special about drums that made me fall in love with them. Drums are good at adding taste to music; a song that has drum beats on it sounds different and unique. I wanted to be part of the uniqueness that is always present in the music that has drum beats.

Whenever I went to church, I always concentrated on the drummer during any song. My role models were all the peers who had the talent of making music sweet and classic with drums. As time went by, I started making friends with the praise and worship team members so that I could create doors to becoming a drummer. I had very little skills in playing the drums, but my love for them made me master the skills quickly. Before I discovered my love for drum sets, I was not a church attendant, but after my discovery, I fell in love with both the church and the drum sets and all the rhythm it creates when it beats.


I began to inspire more people to bring them to the church by means of playing good music and drum sets in church and crusades in North Carolina. Online tutorials came in handy in developing my hobby adversely. I learned the very basic skills of playing drum sets. I became very close friends with our church drummer. One afternoon in the church, I found myself alone in the church, and I enjoyed playing the drum sets, which reinforced all my passion. Someone came into the church and started to film me as I was doing what I loved to do in church. I did not recognize that someone had filmed me. That evening I went home as usual, and after dinner, I went straight to my bedroom and started browsing on my phone. I found several messages from various chats and direct messages congratulating me on my skills. The video went viral on social media, and I became the drum star kid of the week.

I began to receive invitations to go play drums at events, and I was so excited about them. Our church master requested me to play a song with him on the following Sunday. I was becoming a drummer celebrity, and I was so excited about everything about drums at that moment. My parents helped me to tackle the pressure because I was supposed to be attending school; instead, I went to play drums and forget to study. Most of my friends began to come to the church with me to enjoy the music’s serenity and the drum’s rhythms. My friends and family loved to see me playing the drums in church. It was a dream come true for me as I had started living the life I was yearning for as a kid because whenever I played the drums, I felt good.

Christian's Union

At that point in my life, I decided to get baptized, and this helped me to grow up as an obedient kid, and my parents were so proud of me, and at school, my teachers loved me a lot. I was elected as school captain and also the Christian’s union chairman; this position made me attend many seminars at school and also gave me the passion for adventure in my life. Being also in the church made me a lot of friends who were members of the clergy, so whenever I had a problem at that tender age, I had people who I could speak to and get help.


My love for drums has grown over the years up to date. I was recently nominated to contest in the best drummer awards in the state of North Carolina. I was honored to be among the top drummer in the US, and I received tokens of appreciation for my skills. My hobby turned out to be my career, and I am earning good money doing what I love most. Playing drums and going to church is the backbone of my life.

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