I Learned to Love My Insecurities - Essay Sample

Published: 2024-01-14
I Learned to Love My Insecurities - Essay Sample
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After being involved in activities that will help the ladies ensure that they are empowered by developing the mobile app, ladies are now happy. The online development app has been restricted to ladies and limited to gents. However, it is disadvantageous to gents because they cannot be empowered through this platform (Gowler et al., 2019, October). Therefore, the insecurity in this online app is that maybe the project will not be as good enough to help ensure that the ladies get empowered. Maybe many ladies will not love the idea, or the men will develop a better online platform that will accommodate both genders. Nonetheless, the project was approved to be the best, and the challenges from other people ensured the project's success.

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Feeling uncomfortable with negative emotions.

I was working as a translator in a non-governmental institution. This was the time when I felt like people were not happy about the presentation. However, the emotions and the body language became routine, and I come to love the process. This is because the process taught me how to be patient and to be useful to others. The weakness that was developed because of the emotions was outdone by changing other people's feelings by the actions and the reliability because, after all, they needed me.

Thinking everyone is judging you.

Playing the piano in the church caused a nervous feeling. The feeling of nervousness from the personal judgment that everyone in the congregation thinks that you are not playing the piano the way it should have been done. However, since the procedure was from sometimes of fear and attitude, I came to love and enjoy the insecurities I had because I was wrong, thinking that people in the congregation were not heavily satisfied by the tune.

Feeling low about oneself.

The insecurity came after the presentation in Spanish. I am a little bit slow in the Spanish language, and talking to many people and ministers was my biggest fear. Those people are learned more than I was, and addressing them could be a little bit hard for me. Another worry was that I worked as a volunteer (Toolan et al., 2019). This means that after the presentation, I wasn't going to be paid. However, we were awarded second place in the forum and received a letter of recognition from the organization's incumbent president. This is because my presentation was among the best in the forum. This gave me a reason to learn to love the insecurities because they are the stepping stone for a great mind's success.

Negative thinking of oneself

Leading the youths in a non-profit organization involved in leadership training is a risk. This is because youths are people who have great minds, and they, in many cases, feel they are being misled to exploit their resources. Being in Montreal's office gave me more fear because I think that youth think otherwise of me, maybe because they feel that I am not suitable for the position. However, after some time, the insecurities became my strength because I soon overcame them.

In satisfaction

I was taking a wine sommelier license while working in a coffee shop. This is one of my insecurities because I was not satisfied with how I handled issues. I thought that people in an organization feel like delivering services had a different approach. However, I got promoted at work, boosting my self-esteem.

Being envious of other people

Working in a Korean class raised envy in me. This is because a Korean teacher was assigned to teach during weak days, and I was supposed to teach during weekends. The experience gained between the two of us was very different. However, I received a certificate after the completion of teaching. I was not envious anymore.


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