Ballots and Patience: A Voter's Journey Through the 2020 Election - Paper Sample

Published: 2024-01-15
Ballots and Patience: A Voter's Journey Through the 2020 Election - Paper Sample
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The US constitution outlines that elections should take place every four years. The whole of 2020, I was waiting eagerly for when I would finally cast my vote for my choice leader. Given the polarized atmosphere of the campaigns, I was a bit nervous, but the election commission assured the voters that everything should be right and gave assurances on overall their preparedness. On the 3rd of November, I woke up early in the morning, which is not my habit since I am on medication. I was zealous on anything related to the election that day, and my health condition did not obscure my objective. The aim was straightforward - wake up early in the morning, prepare, and leave for the polling station.

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A few minutes later, I arrived at my polling station and parked my vehicle, but I was shocked by the large number of voters who were already on the line. I have voted many times in my life, but I have never seen such a huge turnout, and I concluded that it was indeed a real “tug of war” between Trump’s and Biden’s followers; thus, each presidential candidate had invested in the campaign and was determined to win the election. Before getting out of my old BMW, something came to mind; I thought of going home to do something productive, or just relax and come to check where the long queue would have reached. I weighed the pros and cons and was eventually convinced that maybe patience was the better option. I felt it was my constitutional duty and responsibility, so I decided to wait.

The weather was relatively fair and, after all, I had waited so long for this day. I thought that older adults like me were insignificant in numbers, but it was a surprise that even individuals with disabilities were present. So, the environment and the voters’ aspect motivated me to be patient in the queue. Nonetheless, I was discouraged after assessing the progress after one and a half hours. The lines were long, and people started being impatience; some left to find a drink. I, too went in search of water to keep my body hydrated. The good thing despite the long queues and waiting, the clerks did everything they could to make sure the election process went smoothly. To keep myself busy before my turn, I took out a novel I had and read two chapters. The line moved slowly, and whenever one cast their vote, they came out happy. I felt some disappointment at the pace of things, which I had expected would be much faster. The line in front of me slowly grew shorter, and, at around noon, I was rounding the last corner.

At a quarter to 1 pm, I finally entered the room where the clerks provided me with the ballot papers; I marked out my choices and cast a vote into the ballot box. After exiting, I could not imagine that I was done; I had had such a terrible experience on that day. I regret why I did not use the mail voting; perhaps I would have saved time and tired, but what matters is casting a vote, and I did that at 1 pm. I hope the coming election voters will cast their votes faster rather than wasting valuable time at the lines.

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