Gender Terms - Essay Example

Published: 2024-01-11
Gender Terms - Essay Example
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Growing up, I believed that the male and female had typical roles, but their rules differed. I could see my parents going to work every day, although most of the movies we watch and the stories we read portray male as the dominant gender, my mother was strong and courageous, and that made me believe both genders share the same roles. My parents protected and provided for our needs without discrimination, but rules do not apply to girls and apply to boys. Girls are supposed to be reserved and emotional, unlike boys, who are seen as careless and preserved.

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Both Genders

My dad could come late hours in the night, but my mother was always at home before darkness. Both parents cooked and drove us to school; thus, their roles as parents were rhyming. Yes, I believed that both genders have more commonalities than differences. Both genders need basic needs to survive, they both share the religious beliefs, both bleed, death does not isolate the genders, both need to work to survive, share the oxygen, and a lot more. The only thing that differentiates both genders is their sexes. In the current world, it is clear that women perform as well as men do in the workplace (GWS culture and definition, slide 3). The women are leading successful companies; they are emerging the best in the dominating male fields such as engineering and defense training. I think women are no less than men, and they should be judged based on their performance and not their sexes (Gender Fall Terms, slide 24).

What influenced my believe in commolities in both gender is my family and growing advocates of feminism in social media, which advocate for women's rights and male's rights, have influenced my gender roles and rules (Gender Fall Terms, slide 24). I believe both genders face common enemies, which are elaborated in the matrix of domination, such as albinism, racism, classism, and discrimination (gender terms fall, slide 29). We are not supposed to focus on our sexes because that will not solve our problems, but we should be focusing on significant issues such as equal rights for all and fairness in public leadership. Just like in world war 11, the women are supposed to be working and helping the men in building the nation, the wife and husband are supposed to work hard for the good of their families, and the families decisions are supposed to be inclusive of all family members (GWS 110, slide 3).

Socialization Experience

My first socialization experience can be attributed to my family (Gender terms fall, slide 21). My parents taught me there is no difference between a male and a female in terms of socialization. The women are supposed to be courageous and brave, they are made to be leaders, and they should proudly fight for their rightful position in society; women are not made inferior; they can do what the men can do and even better. Social media and my peers then reinforced the family's influence. My friends comprise of both genders, and there is mutual respect amongst us. We respect girls for who they are, and we don't only view them from the biological perspectives but also as our future leaders, work colleagues, doctors, engineers, mothers, and politicians. My interaction with girls has taught me that they can do great things and make the world a better place, and the patriarchal ideology of male dominance is wrong.

Yes, after completing GWS 100, my thinking on gender roles has improved; it has created a new insight into the importance of the female in society. For example, during world war 11, when America was facing a recession, the women were absorbed to build the country (GWS 110, slide 33). They performed that role flawlessly and prevented America's economy from falling; this should be a lesson to every one of us that women are not supposed to be left at home to be house hood wives but are supposed to be working. It has helped to understand that it is okay for both genders to be emotional, I should ignore some gender stereotypes where men are believed to be unemotional (Gender Fall Term, slide 10). It is not bad when a boy expresses his pain, and it is not also bad for a girl to go to a party and have some fun with friends I have learned that feminism is a vision of a beloved society, with common equality, justice, and fairness (Hooks, 2000).


The lecture on GWS 110 part where the women, together with their husbands, engaged in the manual work to help meet the family needs, has strongly enforced my belief in gender equality. Also, the part on the Victorian falls conference has made me understand that the way to change a society is to reconstruct its culture. We are responsible for constructing our gender beliefs which changes overtime (GWS 110, slide 47).


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