Free Essay: A Surprise with my Emotions

Published: 2024-01-14
Free Essay: A Surprise with my Emotions
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Being exhausted the whole day with beehive activities, I slept restfully on a grey three-sitter couch near the wall, hungrily waiting for the supper to be cooked. I was listening to Lucky Dube's reggae song, "remember me," that softly entered my eardrums from our old 1990's cassette. Suddenly, there was a waggle, the waggle of violence. At first, I feel a slight shake and not violent. In my thoughts, it was my elder brother working outside. It continued. I hurriedly stood and looked out through the window as the waggle continued to scare more. There was no one but the moving trucks at an approximate distance of 20 yards away from our home. I then turned around with my mouth wide open, and I saw the cassette radio shaken off the earth.

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I was scared out of my wits, and the fear of the world ending occupied my feelings. With great panic, I quickly ran to my grandfather's room upstairs. He was sleeping silently. I thought he was the cause of the waggle. I asked him if he had felt the shake, and he told me with a quick and sudden voice that he wasn't the one. Then, I slowly descended the stairs, downwards as the shaking started to stop. Immediately as my right leg landed on the fourth step, the shake stopped, and I felt a sigh of relief. I was left scared, and curious. I lacked the strength to carry myself down the stairs as I realized my body was also shaking.

I was scared to an extend that my clothes were full of sweats. I felt the hairs were standing on my body. At the moment, I just imagined the situation, and it left me aware of how I can be when totally scared. In my lifetime, I haven't felt such a shake before. It can make you think that you are driving a hexagonal-wheeled truck.

My emotions changed, and I whistled to gain the strength and courage to carry myself down the stairs. I surprisingly stood up, walk down the stairs with disbelief. I got to the living room, and I jumped up thrice to confirm the ground, and everything was stable. With great joy and panic, I ran to the kitchen and headed to a Kitchen TV. I turned it on and quickly found the local news channel.

Still in disbelief, and staring at the TV eagerly waiting to check if what happened can be broadcasted. I was too confident enough to say it was an earthquake. All over a sudden, what I was eagerly waiting for; finally fill the TV's screen, "BREAKING NEWS." "An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.0 has recently struck the western seaboard", the TV presenter said. With disbelief, I cheered because I had actually experienced the occasion of an earthquake. I left alone the dangers of an earthquake, and my mind was on the reality of experiencing the actual earthquake.

With surprise, I never moved. I was stuck in disbelief. As my sister entered the kitchen room with a smile, there was wind's gentle flow that groomed my hair to look nice on my neck. She shout, "It was threatening, did you feel it?" I told her, "yes, of course, it was really decent." She replied, "you know I am feeling something like this for the first time." And I told her, "I am older than you and all places you have gone I was also once there, so I know if you have felt one or not." I chortled.

As she was overwhelmingly staring at me, she told me with hesitant words that the reason for our difference is that I was born some years before her and the difference is not much. She argued vehemently with her face showing she doesn't like being undermined. I closed the argument by keeping quiet.

She walks away, and I continued imagining how incredible the earthquake was. The news has begun to be commercialized, and I was curious to know more about the earthquake; and right away, I took the remote control and kept changing channel to channel, and all they were talking about was the incredible news. That was the headlines across all the channels. At the moment, they were trying to reach their reporters to check if the monuments of Washington, D.C were okay. I was fully immersed with the thoughts of thinking that something was wrong with the monuments, and this was because I was once in Washington, D.C, but I could not know all the places. Thereafter, with a strange reason that hit my mind, a cold sweat ran down my face. They then said that there was a crack at the top of the monument. I shouted, "it's a shame," as if I was with a mass of people gathered around me. I finally realized what an earthquake could do

Still thinking of the earthquake, the family that lives in the Caribbean Islands finally came to mind. They had called my father, telling him that they had a 6.8 magnitude earthquake. They told us how the houses were trembling, and they manage to walk through the house while the earthquake was happening. They did this because they were not aware of what was going on, and finally, they knew it was an earthquake. I imagined how scary it was.

The magnitude was so high, and it violently shook the house. They also told us that the roads experienced a virtual gridlock as a result of people being on their way to carnival or returning. People had to pause for the earthquake to stop, and finally, when they started to move, the roads were blocked. The earthquake was tragic, and it caused lots of people to lose their lives.

The intense earthquake is something that will make you feel like the whole world is in the end. It will reveal who you are, at times, and the strength of your heart. Grief and disbelief will fill many people's hearts, and their courage with bravery is lowered. It needs sudden and impromptu actions that will actualize and control immediate situations.

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