Paper Example on Transformative Interactions: A Day in an Alcoholics Support Group

Published: 2024-01-08
Paper Example on Transformative Interactions: A Day in an Alcoholics Support Group
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Group interactions facilitate the exchange of ideas and information useful in improving different aspects of human life. The ideas and knowledge gained through group discussions inform people about their mistakes and provide them with information on improving their weaknesses. My visit to a group of alcoholics was very informative on the interactions between the group members and the impact that the process has on them. I spent a day with the group to learn about the group's purpose, style of group leadership, level of members' participation, and topics covered.

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The group's purpose is to provide the members with a platform to share their experiences, hope, and strength. The group helps the members solve their common problems and find ways to reduce the rate and impact of alcoholism in the community. The group is governed by rules that dictate who is to join and who is not allowed to. All members have to be alcoholics, and willing to interact with others who have also been affected by the same problem. The group leader defined an alcoholic as any person struggling with alcoholism, such that they prioritize drinking above all other obligations. However, group membership must be voluntary. No one is to join the group if their friends or family members compel them, but it has to be by their own conscious decision.

The group is managed through transformational leadership. There is only one person in the leadership position, guiding all members in engaging and communicating. The transformational aspect of leadership in the group is evident through the advice given by the group leader. The leader ensured that all challenges facing the participants were addressed, to empower each member with the skills and guidance needed to overcome alcoholism. To achieve this, the group leader provided equal opportunity to each member to participate in any topic or issue raised by others. The members were requested to provide their experiences on the issues under discussion and solutions that can be implemented by those in need. The practice ensured that even those who had not experienced similar situations provided their suggestions, thereby supporting each other.

The primary topics covered in the group included common challenges facing alcoholics, solutions to the challenges, ways to increase the number of group members, and possible ways to impact society. The topics on challenges facing alcoholics and solutions to the challenges were aimed at helping the group members. Each member stated their challenges, which were fully addressed, and the solutions were recorded to help new members facing similar challenges in the future. Conversely, identifying ways to increase the number of participants and ways to impact society helped benefit members of the group's community. As such, the group helps both the group members and nonmembers affected by the problem of alcoholism. A large number of the group members showed that the group is helping people since most of them reported having joined the group within the past two weeks.

I was impressed by the group’s leadership and functioning. The group identifies practical solutions to the challenges affecting the members. As a result, the members benefit by gaining through getting their challenges solved and gaining skills that they can apply throughout their lives. Additionally, I was happy with the group's open membership to alcoholics, providing all interested persons with an opportunity to benefit from it. Open membership encourages many people to join, hence playing a significant role in improving citizens' health in society. Therefore, I have a good impression of the group due to its open membership, transformational leadership, and society's positive impact.

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