My Life Experience in School - Essay Sample

Published: 2024-01-30
My Life Experience in School - Essay Sample
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When given a chance to evaluate my experience during my debate class with peers, I may be compelled to classify the period as one of my essential and profitable activities ever. I loved most about this class because it can critically equip me with the necessary knowledge, skills, and profound understanding of debate skills. Today, I undoubtedly associate my eloquence, confidence, steadfastness, and competitive debate skills with this class that I once attended. During the lessons, I also learned how to engage in communication and alterations with friends and people of the varying caliber that does not inconvenience the whole conversation's outcome. It implies that I can communicate my thoughts, ideas, and opinions on specific motions to different audience groups without manipulating or undermining other people's views. The debate class trained me to appreciate everyone's else views without showing potential signs of biasness.

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Nonetheless, I would not pretend to conclude that the debate class was 100% efficient and successful. Based on my evaluation, I still had minor intriguing concerns or issues, which I felt did not correlate with my early stipulated expectations and demands. For instance, I felt like the class was characterized by excessive theory sessions. According to my understanding of debate and knowledge from some experts, such lessons should be made more practical to leverage the student's confidence level during the presentation. Besides, I felt like we focused more on physical debates, forgetting that the contemporary world is digital, and most sessions like debates are done via virtual connections.

To rectify these misses, I would highly recommend that the debate class timetable has considered the relevance of the Internet of Things (IoT) using platforms such as Zoom to engage us in virtual debates as a measure of preparing us for the real-world phenomenon. Additionally, we did stress on the slides that were presented to us via zoom. If we focused more on this, we would gain an imperative and elementary understanding of most other debate concepts. Finally, our class ought to have organized more debate programs to allow every class member to participate and gain dimensionally. Restrictions experienced in the number of practical sessions scheduled indicated a sign of dissatisfaction among various students, who felt like they were never given enough chance to benefit from the class maximumly. Realistically, I am one of the victims, and up to date, I still owe to the fact that I should have gathered more than I have.

Relatively, I had personal strengths( motivators) and weaknesses (challenges) that curtailed my entire experience with the debate class. My fundamental flaw was my slowness to adapt to the Zoom classes because I have not been equipped technologically, in the beginning, to face diversifying trends in education such as Zoom. I had to consult by and large before I got used to the practice in recent times. The negative side of this effect is that I gained less of the debate skills taught at the beginning of the class because of my long time is taken to adapt to the technology and dynamics of Zoom classes. On the other hand, I was motivated by various factors that spiked my attitude to start attending classes, even in the presence of adversities, such as Zoom software illiteracy. My first essential strength was the positive attitude, which was facilitated by the fact that at the end of my debate class, I would participate in regional and, perhaps, international debates. Directly, it was one sign that positively reflected my life objectives and long-time ambitions. As a result, I changed my attitude toward class absenteeism and always strived to keep the attendance record.

Going with my learning experiences and lessons that I learned through the class, I will literary have components changed, eliminated, or adjusted to provide a more considerate and sufficient outcome. First, I realized that during debates, one must ensure that he/she understands the topic or concern of discussion well. This is because there may arise rando questions from either opposing or supporting sides. An ability to handle these issues proficiently elevates morale and improves self-esteem towards attaining et objectives and ambitions like in my case. Therefore, I will use much time to research information pertaining to the argumentative topic outlined to ensure that I am fully ready for the debate. Also, I will have to improve on the use of Zoom classes for debate class. Although I understand that technology is a current trend and students should be trained for it, I am sure that if this is blended with a few physical classes, the best output can be realized. In our debate class, the physical class was dominant, while the zoom class was a substantive approach. I find it more helpful when the reverse can be implemented since not everyone is technologically literate to adapt to the zoom class straight away. At the beginning of the class, I would propose that Zoom classes be organized but on rare occasions, to help students systematically transition from one teaching approach to another.

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