Free Essay Example on Immigration and Human Rights

Published: 2024-01-14
Free Essay Example on Immigration and Human Rights
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In contemporary society, moving from one country to another has been a major issue of concern. The 21st century has been characterized by such trends and economic and market privilege for countries (Larking, 2018). It has been noted that international freedom has brought hierarchies of citizenship. This means that the passports issued outline some of the rights that some individuals will have in other countries. Immigrations entail the movement of people to other countries for various purposes. Human rights entail the freedoms that people enjoy when in foreign. In the United States, immigration and human rights have been a major focus throughout the country. Therefore, this paper is going to be concerned with immigration and human rights, arguing based on sovereignty.

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Reasons for Selecting the Topic

Human rights have been a major topic of discussion, which has been influenced by political and other factors within a social environment. The globalization rate is increasing, and therefore it implies people are moving from one country to another. Various reasons made me choose this particular topic. The first one was to review some of the things that are affecting the movement of people within various states. As earlier stated in the introductory part of this topic, it was realized that human rights in the United States had been tied to five major categories. This means that inequality is being applied to a certain group of individuals, if not all. This paper and topic of focus were to act as a solution or bringing to attention such deficit in international law.

How it relates to my program

Immigration and human rights are one of the key concepts in the study of international relations. It deals with the current concept of globalization, which ascertains that individuals move from one place to another. In such a way, various issues arise, meaning that human rights can well be used in explaining such variations. The treatment of people and state sovereignty are some of the concepts that are highlighted in international relations. Sovereignty has been seen to have impacts on migration. International law can well be used in making sure that equality is being advocated for in the current society. The topic deals directly with issues that are affecting people (Orfanos, 2019). The treatment of people and their freedom of movement are some of the concerns that this paper seeks to analyze. It also seeks to find solutions by bringing in the concept of sovereignty and how international law can play a part in ensuring equality.

How International Human Rights Recognize and Uphold the Principle of Sovereignty

According to Larking (2018), the international human rights regime is based on multilateral declarations and treaties between different states that have considered them to recognize the rights contained therein. States operate as sovereign entities, which is a point that means there might arise circumstances they will enter into multilateral arrangements that will determine their future behavior. When considering human rights, sovereignty will act as a major principle, which wills have few constraints applied, and that the states will have freedom of controlling and protection their borders.

The Normative Defence of Sovereignty

The treaties regarding immigration and human rights should always observe sovereignty. Limits of international relations depend on sovereignty. On the other hand, sovereignty has been considered as a good idea and desirable that human rights on the basis that it supports political self-determination (Saadi et al., 2020). This is well represented in the bill of rights, which ascertains that people have their freedom of choosing their political status, pursuing their economic, social, and cultural development. Simultaneously, it can be postulated that little support is given to sovereignty that supports political self-determination.

Recognizing a Qualified Human Right to International Freedom of Movement

On the international platform, forced and displaced immigrants are an issue of concern. Refuges' movement from their indigenous state due to economic, political, and social-related matters should be regarded as seriously as the hosting country finds it hard to carry out their normalcy. In this regard, states accommodating forced immigrants find it hard to grow socially, economically, and politically (Larking, 2018). The burden to cater to such refugees is shouldered on their natural and artificial resources. Politically, the independence to self-governance becomes hard to achieve as the immigrants settle within a foreign state's borders. Survival for the fittest on the social amenities of the country is another aspect of concern.


In conclusion, Immigrants require international policies that support equity in resource sharing for the host state's benefit. The prosperous and democratic global state has the power to construct such systems and create conventions that purport to support the importance of equity to immigrants. Therefore, the global power states need to recognize the respect of internal law that accommodates human rights movement irrespective of their description.

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