Free Essay on Shaping Public Opinion: The Democratic Party's Role in Civil Rights Debates and Rallies

Published: 2023-12-20
Free Essay on Shaping Public Opinion: The Democratic Party's Role in Civil Rights Debates and Rallies
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I belong to the democratic public. The democratic party of the U.S. is based on American liberalism ideology. To begin with, democrats present their concerns for public consideration through public debates, rallies, and campaigns. They sought to promote consumer protection, labor unions, social programs, criminal justice reform, racial equality, disability rights, equal opportunity, work safety regulation, and environmental pollution regulations. Democrats also support the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community and abortion rights, alongside undocumented immigrants' citizenship. As such, the party debates and rallies are a public sphere since it prescribes an ideal for working toward. The topic s discussed in these debates are often complex issues, and they form public opinion and arguably almost decide the elections. As such, Democratic Party nominations debates and rallies are public since people across the states come together to discuss common concerns about what they are and should do and construct social reality. Secondly, the Democratic Party nomination debates and rallies show a comprehension of the meaning of publicity and public essential in understanding the role of rhetoric in civil rights. The democrats support above above-listed issues that they deem worthy of public consideration at varying levels. Therefore, the party’s nomination rallies and debates are a public sphere that exists to handle disagreements transcending technical and personal differences and disputes. Thus, all the Democrats' concerns, such as supporting the LGBT community and abortion public opinion have been formed through rational discussions. Hence, the Democratic Party rallies and debates are a public sphere since they are open to all citizens, address general interest issues, and are free from coercion.

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Rhetoric plays an important role in promoting civil rights. For instance, in 2019, Democrats in a mostly privileged multitude in the center of a liberal city, Washington, chanted, "Lock him up! Lock him up!” (Allyn, 2019). The slogan was rhetorical as the public opinion provided its spin on the ant-Hillary Clinton mantra that had become vital for Donald Trump’s Republican, boisterous rallies. Despite Trump and his supporters embracing "lock her up!" as a chant for their campaign. The chants in Washington increased debate within the democrats on whether to beat engage their opposition on his norm-bursting terms irrespective of how distasteful it is or to maintain a more conventional, civil guideline for American political debate. On the one side, democrats argued that uncivil chants are unsuitable for democracy, and that talk about detaining political rivals is the paraphernalia of dictatorial regimes. On the other side, other democrats posited that Trump is worthy of removal and impeachment is morally unfit for office and does not deserve the esteem reserved for the U.S. president. Therefore, democrats' call to democratic campaigns implies that candidates are not inclined to embrace coarse chants. Another example is when the democratic senator Cory in July 2019, crossed the southern border to help the illegal immigrants seeking asylum in the U.S. He stated that President Trump is criminalizing crossing with his zero-tolerance policies (Rosen, 2019). In truth, in democratic debate, most of the candidates supported "decriminalizing border crossing” As such, democrats insist that people in the country without documents should not be a focus of deportation. Instead, they should be given citizenship. Another is Bernie Sanders, "a welcoming and safe American for all," which aims at standing up for American values accepting refugees, asylum seekers, and families in the country as opposed to the zero-tolerance policy (Pramuk, 2019).

The Democratic debates and rallies perform better as a public. First, migrant families' concern about being separated from their loved ones and parents prosecuted is a national matter. Through the democrats’ public debate, Americans can voice their concerns claiming that the existing policy is against American values. As such, this public seeks to form opinions and influence public policy. One of the challenges of this public is that the party leaders address most of the views and concerns; therefore, the average U.S. citizens might disagree on some aspects of the alternative opinion to the current problems.


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