Cultural Analysis of Game of Thrones - Paper Example

Published: 2023-12-30
Cultural Analysis of Game of Thrones - Paper Example
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The Game of Thrones is a prominent television series that captured the attention of a massive population globally. The play has gained popularity among the populace because of its exciting storyline that captures the audience's attention. The storyline of the prominent narration has dispensed various cultural aspects that can be related to the issues arising in the contemporary world (Clapton and Shepherd 5). The play has advocated against the racist culture that was rapidly spreading in modern society. In the movie, Daenerys saves a tribe of dark men from bondage. The act culminated in the freedom of Black people from enslavement by the majority ethnic group. The action represented a collaboration between people of different races to co-exist peacefully. The media, through the play, will have disseminated a positive influence to the audience on race and culture

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Game of Thrones has brought to light the culture of women empowerment. Men are known to possessing power over women, and it has been a dominant culture for an extended period. Daenerys surpassed all the odds and obtained authority to rule (Toon and stone 46). The character aspired to conquer all the territories and ensured that no man underestimated her rule. Through the play, the actor is adventurous and confirmed that her reign was well known. The actor managed to eradicate the culture that women had no place in society. The play articulates that women are strong rulers if allowed to showcase their abilities. Game of Thrones is significant to the women in the contemporary world because they are motivated to rise above society's expectations.

The Game of Thrones causes a conflict in the cultural analysis. Daenerys strived to rule despite men's domination in the kingdom. The character is termed as an epitome of feminism because she was the first to break male leaders' dominant culture. However, the name indulges in activities that result in rebellion and battles in the kingdom. Despite the character’s efforts to maintain the throne, she commits mistakes that create huge doubts in her name and cultural beliefs (Toon and Stone 47). The play strives to justify her mistakes and brings out how she harmed different individuals in the kingdom to protect her throne and the dragons. The game portrays how individuals in the contemporary aspire to accumulate massive wealth and properties but commit crimes along the process.

However, Game of Throne portrays erosion in morality and cultural beliefs. Women are portrayed as sexual tools for men throughout the play. Despite sexual intimacy being categorized as sacred, the sport has normalized it and even represented nudity instances. The main character strives to change women's perception of being a man’s toy and slave by ruling the whole kingdom. Women were disregarded and obligated to serve their male masters dutifully. The services had to quench the master’s sexual desires (Clapton and shepherd 9). The movie has broken all the traditional beliefs that sexual intimacy should be treasured and respected. Game of Thrones negatively portrays the female position to the audience. Furthermore, the audience might adopt the negative treatment of women hence promote gender inequality in the community. The play encourages sexism and nudity, which is not recommendable for the audience. Game of Thrones eroded the traditional culture and normalized immorality to be the trending factor in the theatres.

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