Values and Cultural Diversity - Essay Sample

Published: 2018-09-05
Values and Cultural Diversity - Essay Sample
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Today, high diverse organizations provides an opportunity to work in different cultures which is driven by different values. One might hate to admit the reality, but everyone needs to be in a particular culture and identify themselves to a distinct value. As much as people might want to feel that their ideas are heard and appreciated, the fact remains that some values drives individuals to understand and adhere to the decision that has already been made (Surbone & Baider, 2013). Working in a multicultural environment with different values from what one believe in might pose a challenge since the difference can cause resistance to leadership (McNamara, 2016). Culture diversity and values increase personal ability to have patient and appreciate others, but it poses as a greater challenge to adapt and feel the sense of belonging.

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We understand and see things differently through our cultures and values

A number of cultural aspects influences the way that we interact with people. It influence how we work, behave and go about with relationship

Having a successful environment with different people from diverse cultures and values is a challenge and one requires effort to be patient and build a common understanding


That was a good discussion Edwin. It is correct that there ought to be a choice to be made in some of the crucial incidences like health care. Although it is unethical to decide who need to be treated or even who to gives the services, it is clear that some people need more attention than others and the resources are getting scarce every day. The infants have decreased immune system is a way of choice, hence those in danger should be assisted first. Yes it is unsettling how nature can be, but it is also evident that there are people who should be given the task to save the day. The chosen few.

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