The Internship Program Reflection Essay Sample

Published: 2019-12-20
The Internship Program Reflection Essay Sample
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The internship program is significant to an individual as it acts as a pre-service for the person by providing valuable knowledge that will be important for him or her in the future. Ideally, it is the likely practical approach for an individual's profession. The knowledge that is learned in class is dispense into practice during the internship program. Quality experience is gained during the internship program, and one should be given appropriate guidance and time to undertake the assignments while undertaking the assignments (Kiselica, 1991). Even though the internship program is important for the student, he or she might face some challenges while executing the tasks given to him or her. On the other hand, the student might identify some opportunities during the internship period. During the internship period at Web Traffic Partners group, there were problems faced and opportunities identified. These problems and opportunities were related to course outcomes.

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The first problems that were identified were the lack of relevant orientation during the internship program. The problem related to company's planning and management. Ideally, the organization should have been in the position to understand that the person who is in internship is new in the industry and should be provided with relevant orientation before he or she starts the program. The orientation allows the individual to understand what is required. However, at the Web Traffic Partners, there are so many protocols followed and the staff could not get time to provide orientation. The supervisor was also reluctant to provide relevant orientation during the internship as he argued that the management does not allow him to make orientation about the company (Burian & Slimp, 2000). He was only allowed to allocate assignments and monitor the execution of such assignments. Arguably, there were no adequate strategies and planning to successfully design the orientation to anyone who was in his or her internship program in the company. It is, therefore, critical for the Web Traffic to come up with ways of ensuring that the company provides well-strategized ways of ensuring that the interns are provided with orientations immediately they join the company. The adequate orientation during the internship is crucial because it provides relevant knowledge for successful execution of the assignments provided.

The other dilemma that was faced during the internship period was the improper communication channels. It was found out that the Web Traffic Partners does not have proper channels of communication. Good communication is important since it allows an individual get the right procedure for executing particular assignments. However, when proper communication is not provided by the company to its employs, it becomes difficult for the intern to effectively undertake the program (Burian & Slimp, 2000). It was difficult to communicate to the management, and whenever there was a problem faced in the process of executing the assignment, it becomes difficult to seek for a solution from the management. Furthermore, the supervisor was not willing to provide guidance on how best to undertake particular assignments formally. Proper communication channels have been viewed to be significant in many organizations because they act as the channels where problems are channeled to the management and the management, on the other hand, channels solutions to the staff. However, whenever the organization does not have proper channels of communication, it becomes difficult for such problems to be identified and solved.

The other problem that was identified during the internship period regards the lack of adequate feeding. When the internship program was being undertaken at Web Traffic Partners, the feedback from the management was very slow. At times when faced with problems, it was significant to ask the management how to solve such kind of problems. However, the management was too reluctant to respond to the feedbacks, and this made the internship program to be tiresome, stressful and unenjoyable as well. The cause of the problem is poor planning and companys management. The problems that were supposed to be solved by the management could not be solved because there was slow feedback mechanisms in the Web Traffic Partners group. The feedback mechanism in any organization should allow for smooth communication between the staff and the management. However, when the organization does not have channels of communication the feedback takes longer and the problems which were not supposed to be witnessed in the organization germinate. Sometimes, when faced with problems and advice is sort from the supervisor, he argued that the management does not allow him to provide feedback but the top management should be the want providing feedbacks to such issues. In any organization, an individual undertaking his or her internship program should be provided with adequate counseling and guidance on how best to execute particular issues within the internship program. During the internship period at the Web Traffic Partners group, a question could be a channel to the management, but a feedback could be waited for a length of time (Lee, 1999). At times, the administration could not respond to the question at all. When the customers wanted to be serve at a particular time, a suggestion could be sent to the management and the management was reluctant to respond to such issues. Poor responds in the side of management was seen as a negative effect on the company. For Web Traffic Partners group to deal with the issue of poor feedbacks, it has to set proper channels of communication that allow the staff and management to properly communicate and solve pertinent issues that might negatively affect the general activities of the Web Traffic Partners group. Service to the customers is important in the company because it allows it to retain customers and also gain other clients who will in turn significantly increase the market share of the company.

Furthermore, during the internship period at Webb Traffic Partners group, lack of information management technique for executing the assignments was also identified as a dilemma. The problem was relating to the planning and control in the business environment. The Web Traffic Partners group was using the sophisticated technology and the technology for the purpose of recording and managing information (Levine, 2006). Even though well-coordinated technological techniques were significant to The Web Traffic Partners group, it was difficult to utilize them while undertaking the assignments because it required advance technical knowledge. For the quality of data to be achieved, one requires having knowledge which could result in the execution of assignments in an efficient and effective manner and eventually serve all the customers.

Even though the internship period identified various problems, the period was also important because it led to the identification of the opportunities. The opportunities identified are significant to The Web Traffic Partners group, and if implemented well, they can improve the service delivery to the customers (Lee, 1999).

The most significant opportunity that was identified regards the behavior of the customers. It was found out that many customers had good morals and whenever they were asking to be served by the company, they showed that they require being treated well. Therefore, because the customers had good behavior, it was an opportunity to the enterprise, and it should take it to benefit from serving them. Web Traffic Partners group should be in the position to develop ways on how best to serve such customers. Proper services to the customers will positively influence the profitability of the company since a high number of customer's means that the organization's market share would also improve (Kaslow & Rice, 2005). When the organization has high market share, it means that the volume of the profits by such a company also increases.

The other opportunity that was identified during the internship at Web Traffic Partners was the technological utilization for quality service delivery to the customer. It was found out that the organization had not embraced high-tech methods when serving the customers. Most of the services provided to the customers were not satisfactory. The service delivery to the customers by the Web Traffic was comparatively slow, and thus, it is important for the company to ensure that what it provides to the customers is quality and delivered within the shortest time possible. The employees of the organization should be provided with relevant technological knowledge to ensure that they provide quality services to the customers within the relevant time that the customers require the services. When the services are delayed some of the customers might leave the company and thus, the organization runs at a loss. Therefore, when the Web Traffic Partners group develops relevant technology for improving service delivery to the customers, it will be in the position to increase the number of customers consuming the organization's services and thus realize organizational growth.


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