Free Essay Sample on Effects of War

Published: 2019-10-04
Free Essay Sample on Effects of War
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There is nothing as devastating as a war in the modern world between nations and within regions in a country. Imagine what could happen to the human race suppose the two known super powers went into war and that the Western nations formed allies against the Far East nation? I am trying to imagine what would be the effects suppose Russia, China, and North Korea created a war front against the Americans and the Western nations. The whole world would be reduced to ashes within a few days. With the current military arsenal and competition for military supremacy present in these nations, it would be possible to destroy the beautiful universe within a couple of days (Kesternich et al, 2014).

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Emile Durkheim would suggest that innocent civilians and children lose their lives when communities and nations plunge into wars. Conflicts are not solved by killing such innocent civilians. Mediation and peaceful conflict resolution work best to solve crisis between two or more conflicting sides (Lester et al, 2010). The soldiers from the different war fronts will lose their lives causing misery and pain to the families and the involved nations. People from the war zones have been killed in their homes, in markets, and on the roads.

Karl Marx idea would suggest that wars lead to adverse effects on the economic status of a country that is under wars. When a country is at war, the citizens will not carry out their daily economic activities that lead to loss of income and destruction of property. The fights hamper the economic endeavours of the citizens (Kesternich et al, 2014). Ambient poverty faces people prone to frequent due to the alteration of the economic schedule. People in a war-stricken region will not be able to attend to their business and the farms which are common sources of income for most nations.

Max Weber and Socrates believe that war will make people lose their homes and live in camps in their country. The war camps are faced with many challenges which include further loss due disease out breaks (Lester et al, 2010). Due to the congestion and harsh living conditions, the people are likely to suffer from deadly contamination and food poisoning disease. Water supply and sanitation is poor in the war camps which might cause more suffering and deaths. The citizens in the military have no access to basic life necessitates like food, shelter, health care and schools (Butler & Suntikul, 2013). They will be forced to depend on humanitarian aid which may not be forthcoming in some regions due to the severity of the war.

Emile Durkheim is the best theorist as he focused more in a society that is free from differences between races, religious groups and from different regions. Life is a social fact that is bound to be guarantee the freedom of individual from any kind of injustice.


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