What Brands Can Do to Be Relevant - Journal Article Analysis Essay Example

Published: 2018-03-28
What Brands Can Do to Be Relevant - Journal Article Analysis Essay Example
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The article “What Brands can do to be relevant” is written by Richard Kestenbaum and the main point is to stress the need for retaining customer even if the company is using other retailers to distribute their products. To maintain personal stores and websites is very expensive hence a need for producers to outsources vendors to distribute their products. According to the article, the first approach which can be applied to maintain the brand is known as See-Now-Buy-Now (Kestenbaum 2017). The method is used in fashions where some models are hired with the aim of presenting the outfits to the potential customers directly. The second method is to organize a show where consumers would attend for a given fee. The vendors would them have an opportunity to display their products to the customers, and it was very effective since the customers enjoyed it and the vendors made significant sales. By making direct sales to the clients will enable the brand to be relevant to others consumers making it easier for other stores to sell their products.

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The article is useful to the week reading since it gives a critical review of the importance of maintaining the company’s brand when it has a strategy of making sure its products are recognized globally. The same strategy used in New York is applicable internationally, and the product will be sold faster and quickly since the products will be well known. Personal brands should be distinctive, relevant, and consistent and should add value to the consumers. Relevance should start by enquiring from the customers their needs, values and what they expect (Hitchings 2017:7). Interacting with the shoppers will enable marketers to gather the relevant information to understand what clients want.

This article is important for the companies to know the current trend and consumer behavior. The fast fashion needs new strategies to ensure that the producers keep updated with what the consumers want to able to sustain their markets(Joy et al., 2012:2). The information will help the producers as well as the customer to keep track of the current demand and supply respectively.

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