Free Essay with a Memo to a Future Student on stay Stay on Campus

Published: 2019-12-20
Free Essay with a Memo to a Future Student on stay Stay on Campus
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Dear future student,

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I know studying can take its toll on the mind amidst all the distractions in campus. It is, however, important to maintain the focus and the same time striking a balance between the curriculum and the extra-curriculum activities. The school is a multicultural institution with students coming from different walks of life and social classes. With that in mind, it is important always to remember that you came to campus for a reason; the main cause of most of you coming to campus is to secure a better future for you through education and other extra-curriculum activities like sports and arts.

Most of the students in campus face a lot of challenges when it comes to studying. This is primarily escalated by the fact that there is less supervision from the tutors and a lot of freedom given to the students. However, if you want to improve your grades on campus, it is mandatory that you adopt good studying habits and adopt the discipline that goes hand in hand with it. Some of the recommended studying habits include going through your notes on a regular basis and avoiding the last minute rush during the exam period. This will enable you to efficiently internalize the concepts and contexts used and portrayed in the writings availed by the lecturers. Secondly, you make short note when reading. This will help you remember because you are using more than one of the senses of the body. Studies have revealed that a student that study while taking notes stands a better chance of remembering what he/she has learned from his/her studies. Finally, for optimal comprehension to occur during your studies, you should avoid distractions. This means that you should study in an isolated environment away from distractions from friends, noise electronics, etc.; this will improve the level of comprehension when you study.

In campus, most of the classes are practical as students are often engaged by the lecturers at different levels during lecturers. Once in a while, you will find yourself in a reading class. To be successful in such a class, it is important to observe the following: First, be loud and eloquent, this will enable you to be clear in the manner in which you state the facts from whatever article or book you will be reading from. Secondly, it is important to observe all the punctuation marks when reading. This will help you make sense of the sentences written in the books. In addition to that, it will enable you to relay the intended message in a manner that the author would have wanted it to be said thus preserving the work originality. Finally, it is important to engage with your audience when necessary. This will ensure that they stay interested throughout the entire reading and above all, it gives you an opportunity to relay your thoughts about the reading. Whether wrong or right you will still get a chance to learn from it.

In conclusion, for a smooth and fruitful stay on campus, it is important to observe the following; keep good friends and refrain from the colleagues with bad habits. This will not only ensure that you perform well but also ensure that you complete your course without any issue of indiscipline against the school. Secondly, it is important to attend all the classes and avoid truancy. This will ensure that you get a better understanding of the concepts in the course book that you wouldnt have understood if you were reading it by yourself. Finally, Get involved in as many extra-curriculum activities such as sports. This will ensure that you spend your free time wisely.

Yours sincerely,

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