Reasons to Support Homeland Security Operations

Published: 2019-12-04
Reasons to Support Homeland Security Operations
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The general public is a key player that dictates Homeland security operations given the case that it questions the nature of operations. Thus, it is necessary for the public to support Homeland Security strategies for easy management of activities. For example, when there is a crisis, it is the general public support that will ensure the agency receives the necessary corporation required to deal with arising challenges (United States. 2013). Additionally, the public support helps the organization in decision making processes. For instance, if an agency like FEMA would like to evacuate a given population, their willingness will determine the course of action by the government interagency program.

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TSAs improvement on dissemination of information to the public

TSA has established portals that work with the American Public Transportation Association also abbreviated as APTA which ensures that the general public acquires quality information through an online portal. Additionally, TSA works in collaboration with the Homeland Security Information Network also known as the HSIN to ensure that sensitive but unclassified information is shared to the public (Haerens & Zott, 2013). . Thus, they ensure that the general public is enlightened on pertinent issues affecting their security. The trusted network is also significant in the analysis and data sharing for key players during the course of their operations.

How can the TSA improve security by compelling airline passengers to be better prepared for the security processes without losing the respect and trust of the American people?

Airline security screening is a major issue that affects the performance of TSA. As such, TSA should create campaign awareness on the general public about their security measures in the aviation industry. The programs should disseminate information on the security protocols to be observed during transit. As such, the public will be more prepared for the random screening by airport security teams. Consequently, the passengers will have a positive attitude towards the airport's security measures (United States. 2013). Additionally, TSA should adopt enhanced private screening of the selected passengers. The strategies should start with the entry point at the airport to eliminate the possibility of frustration from the passengers.

How can the TSA improve its reputation with the American People?

Accountability is a major challenge facing TSA given the case that the American people feel that the agency has not proven worthy of their trust. Evidence that supports the ideology of mistrusts is obtained from the fact that there have been issues of national and transport security over the last years. Logically, the occurrences of such matters points to that TSA has failed in its obligation and mandate to the American society. TSA has also lost public trust given the case that they have slowed down the movement of passengers at the airports. The numerous security procedures have contributed to the negative impact on the general public. As such, it is important for TSA to consider the option of employing modernized crowd control technology to address the issues of long waiting hours for security checks. For example, it would use a system that highlight the screens listing wait time at the security zones. As such, passengers would have the option to pursue shorter security screening alternatives. Lastly, TSA should employ sensible policies that are efficient considering passengers with special needs. Such a strategy would include the use of professionals that aim at creating the professional environment instead of a conflict scenario.


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