Why Is the Black Race Impoverished? Essay Example

Published: 2023-11-19
Why Is the Black Race Impoverished? Essay Example
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According to the National Opinion Research Center, the black race experiences significant challenges compared to whites. There are considerable high levels of traumatic experiences in black people. There is a profoundly felt unusual victimology gripping the entire black community. Victimology, separatism, as well as anti-intellectualism, has triggered the black community‘s response to race-related challenges. The challenges experienced by the black race are much more common worldwide irrespective of the location. This article will elucidate on why the black race is impoverished and, consequently, why it requires help.

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Poor Leadership Culture

A black race dominates the larger African content. Most African nations are incompetent in leadership due to the people occupying various positions in government, which is an exact reflection of poor leadership culture. For instance, Nigeria is usually one of the major populous black nations globally and is almost collapsing (Obioma, 2016). The machinery that makes this black nation to exist, let alone succeeding, is completely battered. These types of leadership have impoverished the black race through incompetent culture, pervasive corruption, imperial ineptness, disparaging selfishness as well as greed. It is the same for many other African nations like Zimbabwe, Cameroon, and Equatorial Guinea, which are ruled by nonsensical democracies by men who completely accommodate their selfish interests as well as those for the clipped circles.

Therefore, the lack of any healthy black nation is not a surprise. Poor leadership amidst the black race has been characterized by chaos, absurd wars, besmirched religiosity, violence, as well as an economic downfall. Most black people from Africa usually leave home en masse. They end up begging on the streets of Greece, as prostitutes in the Netherlands (Obioma, 2016). Additionally, the black race makes over 40% of the migrants that flock to Europe (Obioma, 2016). They end up in other countries where they are destitute, unsolicited, ravenous, and sometimes maimed after being mistreated. Universally, almost every day, there are cases of black mortification and vulnerability (Adeyemi, 2017). Most of the cases originate from poor leadership. Africa, with its dominant black race, thus needs help in leadership development systems more than charity. Therefore, cultural change agents in black-raced nations will help leverage both business and non-profit stands to provide leadership development training to the black population. Such leadership developments will enhance the evolution of inclusive political as well as economic systems.

Racial Segregation and Inequality

The effects of structural racism have been adverse even in the current world and have inhibited opportunities available to the black elites. The race-based social class has been rampant and has victimized the black race severely all over the world (De Lima et al., 2019). For instance, black people who come from the lower social classes are more convicted since they are not able to afford good lawyers. Blacks have been disproportionately convicted of crimes, and judges usually assign longer sentences. Official data specify that there is a clear correlation between being black and belonging to social classes that are severely disadvantaged economically as well as in other areas.

The black people, who are economically disabled due to their low social class, are proportionally more incarcerated as compared to white ones. It is therefore very probable that skin color is a key factor used to convict decisions, thus indicating that black people are convicted more for being black in addition to being poor.

Additionally, second class citizenship has resulted in some citizens having fewer rights due to influence of the abolished slavery. Even after slavery ended through a Civil War, almost two centuries ago, its impact never disappeared basically because this nature of racialized class relations had been demolished. Even today, slavery of the black race contributes to the pernicious as well as a durable form of racist beliefs that remains a major influence of American culture.

The destructive slavery resulted in unending cultural problems since it retained racial ideologies that degrade and dehumanized blacks by depicting them as intellectually as well as morally inferior and thus unworthy of any decorum treatment. Attributing the black race as intellectual inferiors retained the ideology that they cannot make decisions that can liberty them from shackles of poverty and imprisonment. Moral inferiority, as attributed to the black, still depicts them as inherently treacherous, aggressive and sexual, therefore not capable of liberating themselves.

Differing Personal Priorities

Studies indicate that black men differ significantly in their priorities compared to white men. Individuals from the black race put more importance on being successful in career, strict religious life, being respected as well as standing for their racial groups (De Lima et al., 2019). Also, the studies indicate that black people put very little emphasis on education and health, but they emphasize more on being tough through sports. With such priorities, the black race has been so unsuccessful since they have been discriminated in areas that require education.


As elaborated in this article, the black race is still vulnerable and penurious. Poor leadership culture in Africa has resulted in chaos, violence and wars, which has consequently made blacks suffer in severe poverty. Racial segregation and inequality have resulted in race-based social class and second-class citizenship among black people. With differing personal priorities, black people prioritize on standing up for their racial group and disregard education.


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