Ensuring Social Justice and Cultural Competency for Undocumented Immigrants: Essay Sample

Published: 2023-01-28
Ensuring Social Justice and Cultural Competency for Undocumented Immigrants: Essay Sample
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Social justice is a concept of human rights and obligations in the society that ensures human beings are equal and are responsible for each other. Sustainable development means maintaining equitable communities, growth of the environment, and improving the economic conditions without compromising the future generation's ability to perform tasks. The moral principles in a society which enhances the core values and ensures fairness of rights and duties aid in the achievement of a society's mission objectives and ultimately encompasses ethical practice.

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The principles of environmental justice include the freedom from destruction and discrimination, responsible use of the environment, protection from the disposal of hazardous waste, and providing equal access to all societies for the resources present in the environment. It also affirms the rights of people to operate in a safe environment with damages and compensation ensured in case of violations. The principles oppose the corporations' and military destructive intentions.

Several principles accompany the universal declaration of human rights; All human beings are free and equal in human rights, slavery is prohibited, no one shall be subjected to inhuman treatment, everyone is entitled to a hearing when charged with a criminal offense, and freedom to choose whether to be employed or not.

Discrimination refers to the unequal treatment of people in a group. Oppression refers to prolonged discrimination and, ill-treatment that is prevalent across institutions. Cultural competence is the process where systems and people respond effectively to the needs of diverse cultures in the community, in a way that it preserves the dignity of each culture.

The recent treatment of undocumented immigrants has violated their rights regarding social, economic, and environmental justice. The refugees live on the fear of persecution due to their race, membership in a particular group, religion, nationality, or political opinion. Asylum seekers are returned in their countries and entry ports blocked. Their access to the resources of a country is limited, which gives rise to economic deprivation and compromises their ability to perform tasks (Flint, 2013). The refugees do not live decent lives, and the unequal share of resources is against the distributive justice of a society (Pilarczyk, 1997). The immigrants are oppressed because of the suffering and mistreatment of the community who look at their nationality (Frye, 1983).

To advocate for the human rights of undocumented immigrants, I would set up programs to ensure the protection of refugees in the state. It would ensure that the immigrants are both physically and emotionally well, to ensure that maximum productivity is achieved. I would also provide them with some of the necessary resources for living that are present in the country. It would ensure that some of the human rights are not violated and would also portray an excellent cultural image of the country.


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