Residential Racial Segregation and Mortality

Published: 2022-05-09
Residential Racial Segregation and Mortality
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The United State of America is a globally recognized multi-racial country with residents from all parts of the globe. It holds people of different colors, cultures as well as ethnic backgrounds living together for one reason or the other. As a matter of fact, several studies have depicted that the interaction and the relationships of the residents of USA socially, politically or economically are adversely affected by racial and ethnic issues. Additionally, in the United States, breast cancer among female is one of the leading diagnosed cancer types that causes female death in the country. According to the outcome of a study that was done to determine the American residential racial segregation and death rated among the female black Americans, the white and the Hispanic urban breast cancer patients particularly in Texas, it was ascertained that the predicament of racial and ethnic segregation has an adverse impact on the increased mortality rates among specific ethnic groups.

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Breast cancer affects the Black American female disproportionally compared to the white and the Hispanic cancer women population. The degree to which the US white people, black people, and Hispanic people live separately also termed as the racial/ ethnic disparities according to this study is the primary cause of disparities in the United States health sector a factor that leads to high death rate among specific groups. Furthermore, findings from the Texas Cancer Registry (TCR) and the North American Association of Central Cancer Registries (NAACCR) as depicted in this research in Texas, over 109, 749 women were diagnosed with the cancer predicament in the past 14 years wherein 3668 census trucks, 82,089 comprised of the white female, 11,407 were the black American females and 16,407 included the Hispanic females. Further research outcome shows that the general, 9131 death was as a result of breast cancer whereas a total of 33,458 deaths resulted from all other causes. However, in most neighborhoods where the residents live with a higher population of blacks, a higher black cancer patient population was most likely to die of breast cancer than those from a less segregated neighborhood.

Therefore, this means that racial/ethnic segregation contributed greatly to the increased mortality rates in neighborhoods comprised of the black and white people. The study determined the extent to which racial segregation explained the racial and ethnic disparities among the black, white and Hispanic female mortalities caused by breast cancer. In this, the black American female patients were more than twice as likes to suffer and die from this condition as compared to the White and the Hispanic on the other hand, the Hispanic death rates were likely to be higher compared to the white. Greater racial and ethnic segregation in the US health was significantly associated with the high mortality rates among breast cancer Hispanic and black American female patients unless the white population lived in neighborhoods with high black or Hispanic population.

The core reason that contributed to my choice in this topic as well as this article is the fact that most studies have come up with results depicting America as a state of colors in all aspects of life. However, I needed to get a research that has touched public health and reflected on racial/ ethnic segregation as well as its impacts on the specific population. Additionally, I found the research methods that were utilized in this study being practical and realistic as far as the outcome of the study is concerned. Moreover, in this study especially the applied methods and results interpretation we5re done appropriately. However, the research method used in this study particular the data and samples were not that satisfactory for this study needs quite a wide range of analytical methods to facilitate a deep and well-defined study area on the same topic given that Texas is a wide state with a high population of the three groups under the study.

As depicted earlier from above, typically the introduction part, the USA is a multicultural country in which each state is made up of people of cultures as well as the people from differing cultural, ethnic and racial background. In this context, Texas City is among the US states that are made up the white, black and Hispanic societies in which the problem of segregation based on the three divisions is the order of the day. Therefore, the relevance of this study in relation to the public health of people and health disparities in Texas city is that, the study toughs the core concern of the course material which is the public health the people by providing information concerning the breast cancer among women in urban environment in relation to the existing disparities between the White, black and Hispanic societies.

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