Essay Example: Trump and Hillary Debate

Published: 2019-11-25
Essay Example: Trump and Hillary Debate
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The race of the 2016 presidential candidate becomes tighter which calls for several platforms to discern the candidate who has good principles and position that are worthy of the country. This will prevent electorates from decisive voting that are based on age, race, sex and, religion. One of such debate that was to make American citizens decide on which aspirant was the best for Americans and the world as a whole is the second presidential debate between Trump and Hillary Clinton. However, in some cases, it was a disappointment since the discussion went too personal on the candidates affairs instead of tackling issues that affect the public and how they can be solved.

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Majorly, the debate focused on the personal affairs of the candidates and their relatives. Although this can also be used to identify the characters of the contenders, it is important to dwell on the matters that affect the public. Specifically, Hilary stressed on how it is significant for America to work as a team that is why her slogan is Stronger Together. When it came to Trump, the billionaire claimed that Hillarys husband, Clinton, was abusive to women. On the same note, he articulated the Clinton was impeached in 1994 after sexual harassment claims.

Apart from personal issues, the debate also focused on national issues such as healthcare where Trump said that Clinton wants a single-person health insurance plan which is not good for the country. He also added that the Obama and Clinton are the leading cause of ISIS group by creating a healthy relationship with Iraq; the origin of the militia group. In response to insurance, Hillary said that about 8 million kids had been insured because of her effort. Additionally, she also said that a peace treaty with Iraq or Russia does not in any way contribute to terrorism that the United States is currently experiencing.

Although both candidates used body language to deliver their messages effectively, Trump looked emotional with some matters which could be used to judge his characters. He looked cruel in almost all cases hence t is hard to know his real reactions on the issues raised. On the other hand, Hillary smiled at all times; a characteristic that supports good leadership.

It is important to note that media play a significant role in the United States. However, it is imperative for them to be neutral. When noted keenly, the media has been reporting that Hillary was the best candidate in the debate without giving the criteria that were used to evaluate the aspirants. It is a bad act that should be stopped since voters may make decisions based on such reports even when the candidate is not fit for the presidential office.

Concerning the content, I feel the runners together with media should focus on the matters that affect the citizens. It is important to note that someones past and present characters can determine her/his charismas; however, they should not be issues to concentrate on too much in such a debate. Therefore, the contestants should focus on issues such as national security, how to reduce the unemployment rate, health insurance, and growth of the economy. All things considered, the debate was successful since from it certain individuals made the decision on which candidate to vote.

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