Free Essay about Social Media Censorship and Annotated Bibliography on the Issue

Published: 2022-02-22
Free Essay about Social Media Censorship and Annotated Bibliography on the Issue
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Social media censorship is a way of guiding the society on issues of internet due to the bad content being delivered. The reason why further research should be done is that fake news and false information can reform our society in a negative manner. There should be at least the restrictive measures on which data that should be accessed by the public because a significant population of social media users is teenagers. Secondly, social media may pose a threat to the community's harmony by hate speech. Inappropriate images and videos on the internet completely change the viewpoint of the life and the mental state of the young generation. Lastly, social media is addictive and causes isolation downheartedness and social anxiety.

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The information reaching the people should be filtered and only the complete and harmless news should reach the people by social media.

Dijck J. & Poel T. (2013). Media and Communication. Understanding Social Media Logic, 1(1), pp 2-14, DOI: 10.12924

The Authors explain the sensibleness of the social media. It shows elements of social media and classifies them into four; programmability, popularity, connectivity, and datafication. Social media is programmed in a manner that it attracts the users and makes sure that the user is glued to it. As the media evolves all the users are not equal, the popular and famous have more weight than the normal user. This is because the popular can be used to influence or move masses. The other element is connectivity, social media links the people, and advertisers are connected to their customers. The last one is datafication, this principle may be used to predict user perception and insert personalized advertisements. The elements discussed shows an end result of an advanced society since it boosts marketing and also promotes an informed society.

Kaplan A. & Haenlein M. (2010). Users of the world, unite! The challenges and opportunities of Social Media. pp. 53, 59-68

The authors explain the challenges and opportunities of social media, especially to the companies and businesses. They show how a company in that there would be reduced sales of easy-bake oven, model of 2007 if the buyers had the information that it may result in serious burns on the children in the house. This is due to the poorly designed doors of the oven. Another company in Liberia, Firestone and Rubber Company, was accused of using child labor. The companies too have opportunities using the social media platform. Second life is prominent in the social worlds, it allows users to create content, for example, designing virtual clothing or furniture and to sell their items in exchange for money. Individuals earn in this way. The social world offer opportunities for marketing for companies, advertising, and marketing research.

The authors show how the social world can be beneficial to the society despite the bad content in it and if used in the wrong manner it can affect the businesses negatively or lead to its downfall.

Lenhart A., Purcell K., Smith A., Kathlyn Z., (2010). Social Media & Mobile Internet Use Among Teens and Young Adults. Washington D.C: Pew Research Centre.

The source compares how various gadgets, the way they are used and to how they access the Internet in respect to the ages of the users. Pew Research Center shows the statistics of the usage of the internet of the teen and adults in America. 93% of the teens between 12 and 17 went online by September 2009, 74% of the adults by December 2009 and 93% of young adults between 18-29 years old. The statistics show that the teenagers are the ones who are most affected by the internet use. There needs to be a censorship since most of these teenagers cannot control themselves, and the reason why they use the internet is to access the social media. It shows that the programming is done in a way that it is addictive and especially when one is idle.

Bolton R., Parasuraman A., Hoefnagels A., Migchels N., Kabadayi S., Gruber T., Loureiro Y. & Solnet D., (2013). Understanding Generation Y and their use of social media: a Review and Research Agenda. Journal of Service Management 24 (3), pp. 245-267

The authors help us understand generation and the social media effects. The basic reason why generation Y use social media is to socialize and experience a feel in the society. There is an overreliance on the internet for entertainment and interaction in generation Y and this has led the members going through an era of economic uncertainty and crisis (Eisner, 2005). This is a potential downside of generation Y and social media among; addiction which reduces concentration in teenagers who are learning and increase risk-proneness, especially in finance. The authors' writes that the individuals who have been so much exposed to social media and the internet make riskier financial decisions than those who have not.

There is a need for social media censorship in order to avoid this in the society, the teenagers to concentrate on the studies. The source shows the disadvantages of the absence of social media censorship.

Tubaro p., Casilli A., (2011). Social Media Censorship in Times of Political Unrest - A Social Simulation Experiment with the UK Riots. pp 5-20, DOI: 10.1177/0759106312445697

The authors show how the social media caused the unrest in the UK (August 2011 civil unrest) where London mayor of technology mike butcher and David Cameron, the prime minister then pointed fingers to the social media. There is a contradiction; the authors in some way try to say that social media censorship is a solution especially when it comes to the political unrest. There is a comparison and the statistics show that full censorship and absence of censorship have the same results, in Egypt; internet kill switch solution (January 2011 revolutionary outbreak) was not effective. The most dangerous thing is moderate censorship. According to me, we cannot neglect the social media censorship; this is because it may work in the political field but not in the other fields. The authors' advice that in cases of riots there should be a maximum vision to the people in order to minimize the riots.

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