Entomophagy Definition Essay Example

Published: 2018-09-19 11:23:22
Entomophagy Definition Essay Example
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Agricultural Regions Issues

The world continues to face challenges of food scarcity especially in populated and underdeveloped worlds where hunger painfully eats the poor families. The persistent threats to natural resources like water are jeopardizing the natural means of food production, especially in Agricultural regions. However, there are other viable means of food production which man should focus on if he is to mitigate the challenges of food scarcity. For instance, entomophagy though sounds and seems weird and scary among many communities around the world offers the first instant of food scarcity eradication initiative. Cardinally, entomophagy can be construed as the practice of feeding on insects. It is a culture and practice that offers more advantages than perceived disadvantages when utilized. Therefore, this paper is premised on the reasons as to why humans should practice entomophagy.

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The world population is rapidly growing despite the decreasing production of mainstream foodstuffs which man depended on for nutrients and energy. The world approximated population of over 9 billion people cannot, therefore, depend on foods like meat and vegetables. Entomophagy must inform the next source of food for the world citizens and as such its practice must be encouraged across the world (Belluco et al 2). There are various insects like crickets, grasshoppers, and termites that can be consumed as mainstream foodstuff which can potentially reduce the problem associated with food shortage. Therefore, Entomophagy should be practiced by humans as it portends to reduce and address food shortage especially in Africa, Asia and some parts of Europe.

The effects of climate change and global warming continue posing eminent challenges to both humans and animals. Similarly, poor climatic conditions that are caused by global warming negatively affect the life of plants which have been the source of human food. Insects despite the devastations of unreliable climate and weather patterns do not suffer but survive harsh weather conditions and as such can be used as food in areas with unpredictable weather and climate patterns. Similarly, there are regions that face perennial fights and violence that threatens peace required in the food production (Morales-Ramos, Rojas and Shapiro-Ilan 4). For instance, countries like Iraq and Afghanistan have environments that are unsuitable for food production through farming due to violence and fights. The entomophagy practice can address food challenges in some of the above-highlighted countries.

Health Complications Associated with Poor Diet

The many health complications associated with poor diet and continued imitation of westernization way of life can only be addressed through regulated feeding habits that embrace natural foodstuffs. Credible studies espouse the various nutritional value associated with insect foods like crickets. For instance, 12.9 grams of proteins come from cricket with an additional 75.8 milligrams of iron. Nutritionists recommend the intake of natural occurring nutrients and minerals as they result in minimal complications. It would be of importance to consume proteins and iron mineral from crickets than from other foodstuffs that have undergone biotechnology. Similarly, the vitamin level found in caterpillars are high compared with those acquired from other animals. Caterpillars also contain thiamin, niacin and lots of iron which gives the source of vitamin B1 and B3. It is as a result of these viable benefits of insect foodstuffs that humans should practice entomophagy (Kioron 2).

Food production requires massive investment regarding money and time resources. For instance, there are food plants that take more years and months to grow just like most of the edible domestic animals. Money investment in the cultivation of food plants limits the number of people from producing enough foods for their families. The cost for controlling pests and diseases hinder high yield for most farmers. It, therefore, makes animal domestication and plant cultivation expensive. However, most insects freely exist in the environment as a gift of nature with little effort required to obtain them. They provide affordable foodstuffs to the people who could have gone without food. Similarly, most insects also constitute pests that affect plants though they are edible. Therefore, it will reduce the cost of cultivation as most pests would be naturally controlled through entomophagy (Boboltz 1).

The consumptions of insects realize the benefits of antioxidants in the body of humans. Just like plants that not only provide the body with the nutrients but also help the body in fighting diseases so do insects. Most edible insects contain zinc, sodium, and potassium and help in fighting diseases like anemia. Insects also produce naturally occurring fats and provide alternatives to people with heart and obesity complications (Mlcek et al 4). Some contents of the insects like honey from the bee also provide a medicinal advantage in fighting diseases and infections like asthma. Therefore, humans should practice entomophagy as its advantages supersede the perceived disadvantages (Boboltz 1).


In summary, entomophagy can primarily be construed as the practice of eating insects a phenomenon that still scares and amazes many people globally. However, there are eminent advantages and benefits of feeding on insects than abhorring it altogether. For instance, it helps in addressing global food shortage. Similarly, it subsidizes the cost of cultivation as its consumption naturally controls pests in food plants. The cost of getting insect foodstuffs is relatively lower compared to other mainstream foods.

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