Essay Sample on The Disproportionate Number of Minority

Published: 2023-09-10
Essay Sample on The Disproportionate Number of Minority
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In America, elected female positions have been at the highest level in history. However, the woman is far from right. Considering that the number of female voters exceeds that of male voters, this representation is surprising. Gender - a social and political character - worked in tandem with race to identify groups with both formal and informal resources and opportunities, which were crucial to winning elected positions. However, the link between gender and office space is not specific. Instead, changes in laws, policies, and social roles, as well as the activities and strategies of participants in social movements, political parties, and organizations, have replaced women's positions (Huang, 2017). In modern times, data from the American Center for Women and Politics show that despite the increase in the number of women in Democratic government officials, their share of Republican government leaders is declining. Thus, in an era of increasing party polarization, the position of female candidates is increasingly dependent on political parties.

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Elected public officials in America every day have become more men. Gender inequality in politics is invisible, and it is not worth investigating, especially because it seems to be a permanent feature of the political system. But closer research shows that women's submission is very controversial. American women have significantly higher voting rates than men and have 40 years of voting rights. 1 Many women in voters must dismiss the idea that women are inferior to men in politics. If people look at the place, the extent to which women hold public office becomes clear. In fact, in 2019, women hold the majority of seats in the Nevada State Council, and this is the first time for women to become the most state legislature in American history. Sometimes, in some places, like city council members and government officials, there are more women than men. Two American senators simultaneously represent several states. Assemblyman Nancy Pelosi has served as Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, who assumed her crucial role from 2007 to 2011. She held third place in the presidency.

However, American women are far from achieving the same level in public office. The objectives of American democracy may not require actors to represent the audience accurately, but the quality of the representative relationship is already closely linked to, or lacks, such a descriptive relationship of the representative. While scholars may believe that socio-economic equality will lead to political equality, the situation may be different. To achieve equality in other areas, political equality for women may be required. Part of the challenges that American women face in politics are structural. Since women have only one member of Congress, America generally lags behind other countries for women representation. In 2019, women made up 23% of Congress members, compared with an average of 24%. 4 America has no constitutional or statutory provisions targeting gender bias for candidates or government officials. Quotas are the most popular in the world, and half of those countries use bias in parliamentary elections (Carter, 2019). There is no representation or favoritism between the sexes, and America differs from industrial democracy.

A two-party system with unlimited time limits the benefits of current members of the American Parliament. Historically, the number of men in the current membership is very high. 6 Thus, after winning the race for open seats, women are more likely to enter Congress. Election rules mean that many election sessions offer few opportunities for new candidates. The meeting is a war of rebels. They participate in elections such as political parties, and parties must vote for them to participate in elections. However, this does not have the benefits of partial bias or other systems to create a more gender-equitable institution (Williams, 2017). American politics and government also differ from other democratic nations in providing social services. The ideal state of American well-being can generate great public interest in the reproductive traits and political leaders of 7 women.

Contrary to the foundation of structural challenges, I read scholarly reports on how social and political factors affect women's presence in the American Parliament. I think women's opportunities to participate and have political influence in America depend on race and ethnicity. Selected female scientists have focused more on gender inequalities, especially between gender and ethnic groups. Theorists, along with Kimberley Crenshaw, have found that thinking about race or race alone is not enough.

To clearly illustrate this, most of the initiatives presented here have failed to provide concrete examples of how to increase women's participation and leadership in bringing about positive change for women living in poverty and oppression outside the local. However, we believe that these case studies provide important examples of ongoing work to enable women arising from all manner of backgrounds to participate in decision-making structures actively and to promote leadership and change, which will serve the future. Women in poorer and poorer areas made a real and positive change. Although all women are affected by these conflicts, women living in poverty suffer not only because of their gender identity but also because of their identity, social class, level of education, and often racism or ethnicity, all of this. In the eyes of powerful intellectuals, the assemblage causes them to lose leadership and influence.

The World Bank and International Monetary Fund, women make up about 10% of the leaders, while conservatives are less than 10%. In addition, at the highest level of business, women are not in the top 1,000, and women run only 25 meters. As a result, the growing responsibilities of the private sector in development have not shown any signs of strengthening the role of women's empowerment.


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