Home by Edgar Albert Guest

Published: 2022-08-03
Home by Edgar Albert Guest
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Home is where one feels at peace and loved the most. It is a place that one can come to at the end of the day and feel glad to be there. Most of the times a home is not comprised of the place or actual place that one stays, but instead, a home is made a home by how it makes an individual feel both inside and out. So many people have left their houses and even moved overseas in search of that feeling of belonging that is brought by being at home. The following essay thus seeks to explain the definition of a house by comparing it to the meaning given by Albert Guest is his poem 'Home' (Blunt, 2005).

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Home according to this text is more than just a house or the things inside the house; it's the years and years of memories that have been accumulated in that house that make it a home. The author of the text says that "It ain't home t' ye, though it is the palace of a king until somehow yer soul is sort o' wrapped round everything." the author is trying to depict the picture that until one cries or laughs and reaches a point where everything in that house reminds them of memory then it's at that moment, when the house becomes a home.

The author goes ahead to add that until you sit beside the bed of a loved one at home and watch them take their last breath in that house, then you get to hold everything at that moment so dear really, and everything at home becomes more sanctified. The text seems to depict that this makes the place more home for them. He gets to appreciate the little and the big things that had taken place in that house until that very last moment, home to him is everything that has been brought about by living there.

The text brings about the sense of care and love that takes place in a home and truly shapes the idea of what a home is comprised of. The author supports the definition of a home by describing how furniture or specific places in the house remind you of certain people and bring back sad or happy memories of a particular moment. Most of the time when at home alone, one is often fascinated by the things that took place in that house. For example, in the case of birthday parties when one was little and how much joy that brought to your heart, one gets to look at pictures, ornaments used or the room itself and all of a sudden you are reliving that moment right there.

Furthermore, the author strongly holds the belief that even though the place you live in resembles a palace, it will never indeed b your home until you get to live and have memories there really, otherwise, that would be an empty house with no sense of belonging attached to it. So many children and people have grown up in large dwellings but have lacked the touch that comes with the house to make it a home, as the author explains. They have failed to laugh, cry, sing, dance, celebrate and even play in that house and therefore to them it is just space where they get to rest their bodies and eat.

A home should be a place where one can go and not feel the pressure to be anywhere else or change anything there. Homes are places where memories are meant to be shared. The author says that until a baby is born and raised into a beautiful young adult who is capable of making their own decision, then that's a home, and this is true. This is because many people no matter how far they get to travel or how far away from home they may be, they will always feel that there is a place they miss and long to go back to so that they can relive the moments shared in that place. Finally, on most holidays people usually go out of their ways to go back to their homes because that is where they have lived their best lives.


Blunt, A. (2005). Cultural geography: cultural geographies of home. Progress in human geography, 29(4), 505-515.

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