Speeches Samples on Teenage Pregnancy, Overpopulation Strategies, Climatic Change

Published: 2022-09-12
Speeches Samples on Teenage Pregnancy, Overpopulation Strategies, Climatic Change
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In recent times news making rounds about teen motherhood are on the rise globally. Incidences of child molest, teenage prostitution, among other social vices are highly contributing to teen pregnancy (Doherty, 2018). By 2012 teen birth in the United States were reported to alarming rates of thirty births in every one thousand female adolescents and consequently doubled in 2013. There are numerous challenges being contributed by teen pregnancy include educational, social, financial, emotional, and physical concerns because teen mothers are more likely to drop out of school but cannot support themselves and their babies. Although reports show governmental efforts on increasing the teen motherhood socio-economic welfare by offering them a chance to go back to school after childbirth through the Developmental Education and Parenting Program (DEPP) among other child development philosophical programs to assist teen mothers learn on child feeding programs and other supportive care as well as enlighten them of their social obligation in parenting still the number of circumstantial challenges faced by teen mothers are far from receiving amicable solutions.

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Informative speech on Overpopulation strategies in China and India

Over the years India and China have faced overpopulation issues leading to severe environmental and economic concerns. Reports by Gordon (2016), states that overpopulation in India and China have jeopardized the natural resources availability, homelessness, decreased jobs for the population, and environmental degradation. The two countries experienced overpopulation since the 1978 economic reform to increase the birth rate, increased human lifespan through upgraded healthcare services as well as improved sexual reproduction. However, recently China launching a one-child family planning policy to deal with the population issues in their country.

Persuasive Speech on Climatic Change

Nature has over the years had a rough toll due to climatic change owing to human interference in the natural course of life. Human activities are continuously destroying the forests which in turn translates to global warming as the results of burning fossil fuels and exotic omission of gasses and chemicals from greenhouses. Human activities effects of climate change affect millions of other microorganisms in a negative way (Hulme, 2016), though in some positive attribute man is the solution to his own made problems.

Persuasive Speech on Radicalization of Young Children

In current political, religious, and social different young people find themselves vulnerable to new influences and potentially risky ideologies. Their continued exposure to social media and other internet connectivity exposes them to radicalized ideas and behavior that at times places their life at risk (Romaniuk, P., & Fink, 2012). Young people especially boys are persuaded to perform the ritual and outrageous acts that are influenced by older people or peer influence exposing the society of endangered situation like suicide booming.


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