Essay Example: Donald Trump Is a Controversy

Published: 2019-09-06
Essay Example: Donald Trump Is a Controversy
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Controversy describes a prolonged disagreement, dispute, in which people express strong opposing views concerning a particular topic of discussion. For anything to be deemed or regarded to as controversial, it is characterized with disagreements that bring forth debates not forgetting its probability to be carried in public or in the press is high. Topics that are known to be controversial subjects include those of sexuality, politics, philosophy, not forgetting politics. Others that are minor are economics and culture. Controversies are everywhere specially in the world we live in today. Different opinions on the ratings on a movie that has just premiered, or the cover pages of magazine have been causal reasons for sprouting of controversies. Certain key elements are responsible for making a given subject to be viewed as controversial. The topic of interest is foremost introduced to the public often and becomes more recent. It therefore is open for discussions and dissection compared to old topics that have existed for a while. This does not mean that older topics are not responsible for controversies, of course they are, it is just normal that these stories fade and with time attract less attention hence less controversy. The extent to which an individual or public understands and interprets ethics also greatly influences if they consider a topic controversial or not. A person may consider a subject controversial if it does not align with his code of conduct of believes while another may find it okay. All in all controversy is not all about negativity. It may actually be necessary when passing messages which in the long run bring forth enormous benefits. It is also important for one arm himself or herself with adequate and up to date information before joining a debate that is controversial. Handling controversial subjects in class could be tricky since it may become highly emotional. Quality of the argument is what matters rather than who wins the debate. A structured controversy is advocated, it focuses on quality arguments in a non-threatening manner. Objectives should be set to ensure a vigorous and successful debate leading to deeper understanding of the issue.

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Political controversies tend to be a hot button topic in a huge percentage of countries globally. America for instance, has been on the spotlight with its citizens having strong sentiments and opinions about certain issues. Most controversial political leaders in America include bill Clinton, Hilary Clinton, George w. bush. George was responsible for the invasion of Iraq which did not make some Americans quite happy. These were considered controversial for their actions and statements that stirred bitter emotions. They made decisions that were unpopular and a large a number of people dislike. Some Americans have felt that the health care bill introduced by the sitting president to be controversial. In history, Martin Luther jr might have been considered controversial but his level would not be as much as those politicians of today."I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation they will not be judged by their skin, but by the content of their character," being the most controversial statement based on the subject of equality and colour.The most recent controversial political figure would be Donald trump.

Donald trump, is an American businessman and politician, television personality. He is the very definition of the American success story running for the United States presidential office in 2016. Trumps politics have been escribed by many as nativists with some calling him moderate republican. He has been regarded as pro-life when it it comes to social life, showing interest in amending some of the acts and laws that exists. Although this brings uproar from those who are his critics and non-supporters, he has showed little interest in taking back his words. Public forums have been the major channels that he has addressed the public about his intentions when he gets the presidency. The politician has been regarded a controversy for first and foremost estimating his net worth he has public declared his worth, basing his capability to become the president because of his financial stability The beauty with me is that am very rich". Some have described the politician as scandalous when he went on to describe America as a damping site of immigrants and everyone elses problem. It is sad that he described them as people who come to bring drugs, and crime "when mexico sends its people, they are not sending the best.They are sending people that have alot of problems and they are bringing those problems to us. They are bringing drugs, they bring crime. They are rapists and some, I assume are good people".

Everybody recognizes that religion can be a very sensitive topic of discussion but this did not stop trump to say that he would stop Muslims from entering the country once he was the president. He went on to raise a point of concern saying that theres hate that is beyond comprehension between Muslims and Americans. Not only did he say this, trump referred Muslims to be people who only believe in Jihad, who have little or no respect for human life "I think Islam hates us, theres is hatred and we have to get to the bottom of it". This very controversial politician has also gone to the extent to attack other politicians. Uproar was all over from the supporters of the opponent. "If hilary cannot satisfy herhersbund what makes her think she can satisfy America?" Publicly attacking Clinton showed that he has would go to great extents with little concern of the aftermaths of statements. He did not just stop at this, attacking also the sitting president, claiming he has done no effort in controlling crime rate and thugs in the country" Our great African American president has not exactly had a positive impact on the thugs who are so happily and openly destroying Baltimore". Tramp has opposed legalizing of recreational marijuana in the country but has showed his support for medical marijuana. Some people may consider this controversial with claims that marijuana has no proven common effects while others argue that medical marijuana would lead to easy trading of marijuana even sfor those who do not need for medical purposes. Regarding healthcare, tramp has suggested a free market plan ruling out the famous Obamacare. It is also important to note that tramp does not support birthright citizenship which arguing it should not be supported by the fourteenth amendment of the United States constitution. He further declares that those already in the country be deported and the border strengthened.

Concerning topics of the environment, he claims that windmills are responsible for destroying every country they touch, producing unreliable energy. He had regarded global warming a total hoax" Its freezing and snowing in Newyork we need global warming" and also claims EPA is reducing job rates. Just like the former president George Bush, Tramp has showed support for the invasion of Iraq by American military troops back in 2002. He has described Pakistan as a dangerous country comparing it to South Korea. In other statements made by the politician, he has showed total support for Christian groups in the country. Making promises of abolishment and reversing of unfavorable taxes that have barred them from expressing themselves in the political arena. This could be viewed by people of other believes as unfair. Muslims for example might felt left out as he has regarded them as dangerous and even vowed to bar them from entering the borders of the country once he is the sitting president.

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