Free Essay Example: The 1970s in America's History

Published: 2023-01-23
Free Essay Example: The 1970s in America's History
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Q1.What are the aspects of changes witnessed among American women in the 1970s? And discuss the phases of feminism in America in the same era.

What are the aspects of changes witnessed among American women?

America's history is characterized by the severe treatment of women in which the worst case included oppression of women. For instance, married women had to seek loans through their husband's identities, schools imposed stringent administrative bottlenecks on female applicants, and also, sexual harassment was non-existent within the legal frameworks. Strong waves of feminism would spark America, and this would see a sudden transformation of the treatment of women in which they were liberated from these chains. Currently, American women are free to pursue whatever endeavors they desire.

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What are the phases of feminism in America?

The second and third wave feminism is fundamental as they shape the destiny of American women. These waves encompassed politics, culture, economic opportunities, family as well as marriages. The bottom line of these waves gave a chance to women so that they can live up to their dreams.

Q2. How significant are the disaffirming and affirming activities in 1970s in America's history? And briefly explain what are the fundamental shift in ideology is in the 1970s?

How significant are the 1970s in America's history?

The 1970s are significant in America's history as it marked the transformation of American society along with racial perspectives. It is in this era that Americans rejected, embraced, and also negotiated racial identities. Thus, they found a place of solace by mobilizing themselves around important racial qualities.

What is a fundamental shift in ideology in the 1970s?

The transformation of the United States of America took various dimensions. An excellent example of this is the perception of people of different colors as resources that are fundamental in the development of American society. As such, there was a pronounced war against racial injustices coupled with social integration. One would tell that there was utter dismissal of racial prejudices.


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