Nelson Mandelay Sample

Published: 2018-01-03
Nelson Mandelay Sample
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The world is full of beautiful people; if you cannot find one, be one. Individuals who have left their mark on the society and will forever be remembered for their positive influence. Ones who heed the call of humanity and saw the bigger picture way before the world realized it. Nelson Mandela is one of such people who reshaped the ideas and understanding of the society.

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Nelson Mandela was the former president of South Africa and a great activist. Nelson Mandela was born at a time when he came face to face with a brutal reality of a racially divided South Africa. Nelson believed that everyone was equal and that skin color should not be a basis for segregation. He set on a personal mission to end this racial regime and globally advocate for human rights, something that was not taken very well by the colonial government and got him into many problems with the same. As a member of African National Congress party, Mandela began strategizing on how to put an end to apartheid. He would do this through peaceful protests and armed resistance. His actions got him in prison for 27 years making him the longest sentence-serving political activist of all times.

His beliefs and actions left a positive mark in South Africa and the world in general because he helped eradicate apartheid advocated through thick and thin on the importance of equality among people regardless of the race. He was the face of the antiapartheid movement, and although it took him a long time and suffering, he brought to the world the change he wished to see. His attributes and positive message made him a devoted champion of peace and social justice. South Africa should count themselves lucky to have had such a person who is one of those who made a real change to the world, and who left behind a legacy of struggle for freedom. Nelson had a great impact on his people in particular and the world in general. His message and beliefs that he held so dear that he would die for will always be a source of inspiration.

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