Free Essay: Is Black Panther a Good or Bad Movie

Published: 2023-02-09
Free Essay: Is Black Panther a Good or Bad Movie
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Over the last four decades since the first-ever superhero blockbuster movie created by marvel studios Superman, previous year the Superhero movie Black Panther was among the most sold out and in some reviews, the highest-rated movie with 97% by Rotten Tomatoes, 7.3 stars by IMDb (IMBDb). To mention but a few of its impressions, the film won three Oscars, 244 nominations, and 93 other wins on different platforms (IMBDb). However, this success did not come off a silver plate; in fact, the movie took over 20 years of preparation with shuffling and reshuffling of directors, casts, settings, and concepts. Unfortunately, despite the high ratings by Rotten Tomatoes, receiving 7.3 stars out of possible ten by IMDb was not very encouraging. Thus, to actually gauge how good or bad the movie was, I decided to watch and judge for myself. Therefore, this essay aims to explore whether the film Black Panther is a good movie or a bad one. In my opinion, I found the movie Black Panther to be excellent though not fantastic or unusual, but just a good film.

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The movie Black Panther is set in modern times. The father of the protagonist King T'Chaka visits his brother N'Jobu in California where he worked as an undercover spy. The reason for this uncalled visit is because King T'Chaka suspected his bother in conspiring with a globally wanted arms dealer Ulysses Klaue in attacking Wakanda- T'Chaka's kingdom and stole its most precious mineral Vibranium (the world's most durable metal). Unfortunately, after confirming that his suspicion is correct, N'jobu is killed by the King's guardsman Zuri and it both swear to keep it a secret. Both brothers had young sons who knew nothing about each other. T'Challa, the son to the King, remained back in the native nation while Killmonger is the son of N'jobu who later becomes the villain in the movie. After a few decades, both sons become of age and successful in what they do. T'Challa, who becomes the Black Panther is a successful detective in the U.S., while Killmonger becomes an arms dealer. They later meet, and Killmonger challenges the Black Panther for the Wakanda throne after learning his father was killed by the King.

In summary, one may wonder what makes the movie exciting or boring. To answer this, I will break the film into four major categories. The first is the setting of the movie. Black Panther is an all-black casted movie and is set in a very technologically advanced nation that pretends to be the third world. This setting not only made the people of color feel included in the white society-dominated film, but it also recognized the efforts being made by the African countries in terms of technology and literacy.

The second factor is the use of Computer-generated imagery (CGI) which gave the movie the Sci-fi effect and made my mind blown. The excessive speed, intelligence, and body power by Black Panther not only made him the hero of the movie, but it also added life and creativity. The spears used by the Wakanda Warriors, and the high-tech research and medical facility were just beyond ordinary human imagination. The future-tech jets used by both the King and T'Challa to travel around took the movie to a whole new level.

The third element that made me find the movie quite enjoyable in the twists of events. Betrayal, hunger for power, thirst for knowledge, and the fact that the force behind Black Panther was a plant is amazing. However, it is very ordinary that by taking the same syrup from the Black Panther plant, the Black Panther would lose his powers. Moreover, the fact that the Hero was only a hero with his forces was not such a good idea.

Lastly, the ending of the movie was spectacular. Wakanda was able to defeat the intruder. All the five tribes of Wakanda united and the isolated kingdom opened up to the rest of the world. The movie ends with the newly appointed King T'Challa opening a resource center in Oklahoma, California where N'jobu was killed.

In conclusion, I found the movie to be a good movie. The setting, plot, story, and actions all blend to empower the black community and acknowledge the efforts of the African countries. Also, the fact that Black Panther is a black hero depicts the long white-dominated industry is embracing diversity and new talent to address some of the global agendas such as education, technology, medicine, and climate change. Therefore, I found the movie Black Panther to be good.

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