Questions on Language Development. Free Essay

Published: 2023-03-12
Questions on Language Development. Free Essay
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A) What do you think you needed help with before using language power?

Before making practical consideration of the appropriate area for applying language power, I was in deep thought of first making proper considerations of the relevant individuals who are highly qualified in the language areas. Since language power is highly concerned with sufficient ability to understand perfect positions for applying language, I required having experienced individuals for guideline purposes in the sector. This was energetically advantageous to strictly avoid information biasness while addressing a congregation in a selected industry. Language power is mostly applied by different individuals where the speaker is not necessarily familiar with that specific language hence room for effectively requiring help before usage of language power.

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B) Do you think you made progress in those areas?

Personally, in the areas of effectively understanding language power, I could make appropriate progress that caused me to strictly enjoy the proper interactions of different individuals in a given area or else in a specific nation (Gilliland, Betsy, pg.287-301). Language power provided room for adequate understanding character nature of such different individuals even though I had minimal knowledge of the language. After proper training attendance in language power classes, I gained the admirable traits of effectively speaking and being understood appropriately by the targeted audiences. Further, I tried to ensure that during information delivery in any field, viewers were able to listen attentively and understand the information that I was to deliver.

C) In what areas of language use do you still need improvement?

As a present or else as a specific speaker, the most areas related to language usage that I should require improvement are crucial areas of applying recognized vocabularies and also specified areas for practical usage of different punctuation marks while delivering information. One's presentation of any information in an organization strictly defines his/her nature of the expected offering mode (Gilliland, Betsy, pg. 287-301). As an excellent presenter, you have to effectively make proper recognition of the status of the audience whom you are ready to give the information, age, and also gender. One should ensure that adequate language is effectively applied plus also the insertion of different punctuation marks; therefore, the importance of me perfective in such areas to avoid misunderstanding.

D) How will you continue to improve your writing? Are there particular strategies you will use?

To effectively improve in my writing sector in upcoming years and throughout the life, I will effectively apply relevant writing skills required. The specific strategies to use are focusing on the basis that will effectively play a vital role in ensuring the perfect appearance of any written work that is to be presented to a selected group (Gilliland, Betsy, pg 287-301). I should guarantee that whatever I am writing portrays a positive comment and appearance to the reader; hence, I should always ensure that the work I am about to write is my task. Further, while writing in case of any difficulty, I should ensure that I strictly involve a writing partner who will play a critical role in guiding me on the appropriate writing procedures that I should follow. One should ensure that there is proper communication with other coworkers strictly to request willingly casting their eyes over my work.

E) How important is language awareness and control for effective writing? Have you thought about this changed since you began working with language power?

Control for effective writing and language awareness, are considered to be the best pillars of unification between the communicators and the speaker himself. In today's era, the style has primarily emerged as of great importance since it is considered as the first negotiator and envoy. It is regarded as one of the most recognized basics instincts of progress in a given State. According to my review of different situations, my thoughts about language awareness and control of effective writing strictly changed the moment I introduced language power. This occurred purely because, through language power, I could perfect in some essential areas.


Gilliland, Betsy. "High school teacher perspectives and practices: Second language writing and language development." Language and Education 29.4 (2015): 287-301. Retrieved from

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